Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hi, my name is Madeline and I'm a sassy fourth grade teacher.
I'm in a pile of valentines up to my ears, and on top of that, I'm kind of hungry right now. (did that sentence make sense? not quite. I'm also tired.)
I confiscate love notes, tell kids to quit whining, and try to make them believe they are capable of anything... except for being in love in fourth grade which is not a thing I'm really in to.
I have parent teacher conferences today and tomorrow so if you're wondering where I have been or where I am or what I'm doing, well there you have it. And just so you parents know... you SHOULD come to parent teacher conferences. Because when you don't, the teacher has lots of time to write boring as heck blog posts like this.

Love you all.

p.s. what are your thoughts on parent teacher conferences? 


  1. my parents never went to parent teacher conferences, mostly because they really had no time to. i hated that they didn't because i really wanted them to see all the work i was doing & hear all the praises my teachers gave me. so i'll be going to them for my kids, fo sho. also because it's rude not to go because don't teachers work really hard on them? probably. okay, you're adorable byeeeee.

  2. Haha I always wondered who went to parent teacher conferences. I guess I have my answer!

  3. I LOVED parent teacher conferences. They would seat us all in the gym, I knew no parents were going to come see me so I would buy a new magazine, kids would bring us treats and sodas and I would get to chat with my teacher friends that I didn't get to see much during the day. :)


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