Monday, February 10, 2014

we're a part of the love club

Hello there! Long time no blog, eh? *sigh* Truth is, I have actually done a lot of "blog-worthy" things in the past week. But there comes a point in my life where I'm like, why am I blogging this? Am I blogging it because it's what I think people will like, or am I blogging it because it's important to me? You know? You get what I'm saying?

So I could tell you about how I made 16 freezer meals for my crock pot. I could tell you about decorating my classroom for Valentines. I could tell you about how I've been doing the 14 days of Valentines for Alex and list it out in detail because OBVIOUSLY you would want to copy me. But you know what? That doesn't sound super fun to me. It just doesn't. So for the record: I have been doing all those things. (Maybe I'll do the 14 days of valentines one eventually. Like, now that I wrote a sentence about it I realize I do want to document it sometime but... not now.)

Instead, I'll tell you about some LOVE-LY conversations I've had lately. (See what I did there? I hyphenated it because I want you to know that the conversations have been about love.)

Here we go:

(Scene: I walk outside to get the kids from recess.)
R: (runs up to me) Mrs. Casey!!! What do you think about kids asking people to go with them to the manners tea party?
Me: I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking if I think it's a bad or good thing?
R: Yes. Is it bad.
Me: As long as no one's feelings are hurt and no one feels uncomfortable I guess it's ok...
R: Yeah, I guess it is. J asked A to go with him.
Me: oh, really?
R: Yes. I guess it was nice of him. But no one asked ME to go with them.
Me: hmmm.... R? Would you like to go to the manners tea part with me?
R: YES!!!!!!! (Gives me giant hug.)

(Scene: Another day, picking the kids up from recess.)
M: (runs up to me) THAT BOY IS SAYING THAT I LIKE N!!!!!
Me: Well, is he telling the truth?
M: NO!!!!!
Me: Then how about you get over it and let's go inside?
Me: (lead the kids inside.)

Alex: What should I title this email to Abi?
Me: Hmm... how about "I have the most beautiful wife in the world?" or "My wife is the coolest!" or "I have never met anyone so wonderful and...."
Alex: I feel like you need validation right now. You are pretty. I think you are beautiful because you are.

Confiscated note (with all spelling errors... it's pretty bad.): Ka look what I said a recesce i dascely said im drancing up with you so sorry i love you so so much it doesnt work sorry.
Translation: K, look, what I said at recess, I basically said i'm breaking up with you. So sorry. I love you so so much. It doesn't work. Sorry.

(Scene: Today in front of the class.)
Me: About the manners tea party. No one has to ask anyone. I mean, you don't have to go on a date to the party. I don't know where you got that idea, but it's not true.
Class: (manic giggling. some shifty eyes. blushing. raised eyebrows. some relieved sighs.)

p.s. now i have to think of other things to blog about this week.... help a sister out!


  1. These posts are my favorite. They just are.

  2. Ha ha ha this is hilarious I love it.
    Do you remember our manners luncheon? I just remember that my plastic knife snapped while I was trying to cut my ham.

  3. "I feel like you need validation right now" ahah priceless! I wish I could go to a tea party. I'll probably just end up tea partying by myself at Dear Lizzie. Saddest. Blogging ideas for this week huh... You should write a list of ten things you are happy about/have been making you happy lately. I post mine on friday :) I want to do like a link up, but i have no idea how to create it. so you could also do that... haha jk. i'll figure it out eventually. I don't know why I stopped capitalizing things in the middle of this. Anyways.

  4. also i would like to put your button on my blog if that's ok. if you have one that's 200 width 100 height, that would be awesome! just shoot me an email :)

  5. Oh! Got it! Here's my list from last week. There is a link up on the bottom now. And I believe you can copy the code and add it to your blog if you want people to be able to see everyone else's happy list. Anyways. Here's a link



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