Thursday, March 6, 2014

how the internet dies. *spoiler alert*

You guys.

The other night I had a dream that I was looking on my blog, and I saw that I had 140 followers. And I was like,


And then SUDDENLY the 140 turned into


And at first I was delighted, and then I got scared and thought to myself, "WHAT? Even The Daybook doesn't have that many followers... I don't deserve this!!" And then I realized...

Robots had taken over the internet and they had taken decided they were going to like everyone's blogs!!!!

I told Alex this dream and he said, "Huh... that would actually be a really genius way of taking down the internet. If everyone had the same amount of likes, google wouldn't know which one was the most popular..." and he went on to ponder for some time.

Happy Thursday!! I hope no one takes over your blog likes!

p.s. dreams fascinate me. are you a person who has weird dreams? how strange is it that our minds are still going when our bodies are shut off? it weirds me out.


  1. Dreams - weird ones - oh yeah. I have dreamed snipers were after me on a rooftop at night, with bright searchlights and nowhere to hide; that I was in some kind of little space "pod" and I was on an adventure with my boyfriend (who was in his own little pod, jetting and zooming in and out of Jetson-like cities; that one of my brothers was so bad we had to pile into the car and drive to the corner of our property and put him in a phone booth where he would be executed (!?). It was so traumatic. I could go on and on. What is up in my brain???? And you are related to me! Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  2. Lol. I love dreams. I try to write them down every morning!!

  3. OH my gosh, so funny! I always have the weirdest dreams, but I can never put all the pieces together in the morning!

  4. Ha ha ha this made me laugh. I have weird dreams all the time--pretty sure I even slept talked last night. Madeline, I miss you!


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