Thursday, March 27, 2014

the spelling bee

About a month and a half ago we had a class spelling bee, and then the top four winners went to the school spelling bee. And then those top four winners got to go to the district spelling bee, which happened to be last night. (the last time i typed be, i typed bee! ha ha... anyway.. not funny?)

One of my boys in my class made it to district, and I was seriously so proud of him! He worked really hard, studying during lunch and before and after school. So of course I showed up to support him last night, only... he wasn't there.

My teacher friend Kellie and I searched the school high and low looking for him and his parents, because I was afraid they might be lost. I didn't really know the directions to the high school myself, so when he asked me, I couldn't tell him good details.  We didn't see him anywhere.

During the second round, he and his dad walked in. He looked so sad. I ran down after the second round ended and told the judges he was there. Couldn't they let him just quickly spell two words and then jump in?? But they said it wouldn't be fair. I wouldn't be fair to the other kids who were on time.

But I just felt like it was all my fault, you know? I should have given him better directions. I should have argued with the judges more... or something! Sitting next to him for the rest of the spelling bee, watching him with tears in his eyes was just horrible.

I understand why the judges said it wasn't fair, but then I also think my idea of the two words would have been fine... I don't know. What do you guys think?

Would you have given him a chance to participate? Or would you just say, too bad, should have been on time?


  1. well they couldn't break the rules for him. everyone else would have been mad if he won.Parents can be crazy even about the fourth grade spelling Bee. Still...heart breaking. Encourage him to try again next year, learn from his mistakes and move on.
    your mother

  2. Breaks my heart :(

    When I was in the geography bee in 4th grade, I was mad at my teacher because all the other kids from other classes got study guides and my teacher forgot to give me one, so I looked so dumb :(

  3. this seriously makes me so sad...this is a moment in that little boy's life that he'll never forget. I can see both sides, but he's just a kid, exceptions could have been made...:( poor little dude.


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