Friday, April 25, 2014

A Balloon

Let me tell you a story.

Remember these balloons?

They were gorgeous, right? I love me a good balloon.

I wanted to keep them forever! Stuff them in the car and drive them to Logan, and then let them float aimlessly around my house. Alex had other ideas. He told me they were just going to die the next day and we should let them go outside. (I reminded him of the Valentines Balloon of 2013 that lasted until May... but to no avail.) I was adamant that I DID NOT want to let them go! They were beautiful! I loved the blue one with the orange dots and the green one with the blue dots the most. They really spoke to me with their color blocking ways...

But finally I gave in and said that we could let SOME of them go. I carefully took the previously mentioned balloons, as well as the Happy Birthday balloon and tied them to a kitchen chair. Then we walked outside and let the rest of them go one by one, while my mom was supposedly filming the whole thing in an artsy way. Turns out she filmed the last three seconds, mostly of our lower halves. Whatev.

The other three balloons made it safely to Logan and floated aimlessly as I pictured. After a few weeks, the Green-with-Blue-Dots started fading slowly to the ground. Alex had the brilliant idea to cut the string so that it would float back up! And float back up it did!

But then things got weird.

One day we came home and Green-with-Blue-Dots was sitting solemnly in the closet, gently bobbing up and down, and daring us to wonder how he got there. Chills ran down my spine. I grasped him in both hands and let him go back into the living room, where Alex cut his string one more time. He floated to the ceiling and we thought that was that.


Later, arriving home from the gym, Green-with-Blue-Dots was suddenly and unexplainably in the kitchen! Staring at us from above the refrigerator! The other balloons were innocently sitting in the same spot they had been for the past five days, but Green-with-Blue-Dots was defying all odds by traveling around the house, sinking lower through door frames, and coming up higher again on the other side.

Alex was freaked out. He thought the balloon was going to sneak into our room and hover over our heads at night. This gave me slight panicky feelings, but also a thrill to think of what a good story that would make for my blog!! I told him not to worry, the balloon was just a balloon.

When I got home from the gym that night I had a snap chat video waiting for me from Alex... It was a video of him brutally murdering Green-with-Blue-Dots.

I fear our house is haunted.

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  1. i believe my house is haunted as well. ghosts are the worst.


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