Monday, April 28, 2014

trying something new

Alex: Are we going to the gym today?
Me: Yes, I think so.
Alex: What time?
Me: 7:30. I have yoga.
Alex: Maybe we should just watch Grey's Anatomy.

Me: Alex, I need to talk to you. I need you to learn to take pictures. You need to be a photographer for me. The thing is, I'm not taking pictures of anything for my blog, because there are no events happening in my life. But I think I have cute clothes. And I wear those every day. So I think maybe I could take pictures of those? I also need you to teach me to be photogenic.
Alex: Ok.

(outside, 15 minutes later)
Alex: No. Stop sticking your butt out. Be relaxed! Tilt your head to the side. Face me with your hips, but turn your head the other way.... etc. etc. etc.

So guys... I don't know. But this is what happened today. It was on Alex's iphone because my camera wasn't charged and as you can probably tell, the sun was setting. We've resolved to take pictures earlier in the day from now on. In fact, I told Alex that's what we were going to do, and I was worried about who would take pictures for me this summer while he was at work and he got VERY defensive... My husband, the aerospace engineer/photographer... I like the sound of that!

p.s. am i supposed to say where i got my clothes from? i don't know. whatever. let me know if you care.


  1. Heh heh! This is brilliant!
    Love your top too! :)

  2. hahaha i love this:) i can't wait to see all your cute clothes!!!

  3. if it's MY iphone that alex is using, totally makes sense. the camera has been scratched for a long time.


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