Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everyone Needs A Skirt With Pockets

Of note today:

* Elementary school should be done. The kids are done. The teachers are done. Let's close up shop, peeps. Like my mom always says, we should end school before Memorial Day, and begin school after Labor Day.

* Alex got me this skirt for my birthday and I would wear it every day if I could.

* We got a storage unit today, and I felt more grown up than I have in ages! They even gave us a lock for free because Alex is a student. So, you know, today was a day that I was grateful Alex is still a student.

* Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip to Salt Lake City. And how about they accidentally leave me in Salt Lake City, huh? How about that?

* Ok, it sounds like I don't like my job. I like my job. I actually love my job. But when summer calls, summer calls. I can't ignore it. It also doesn't help that in two weeks I'll be in Seaside, OR, soaking up my favorite clean salty air.

* Alex and I did couples yoga in our front room, and it wasn't super exciting, but it is of note. It happened.

* Today my little student who makes announcements asked me if I had any announcements for her to make in the morning. I pondered briefly and she said, "you know, like maybe that you lost Dancing with the Stars??" .... ouch.

And that was that.

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