Monday, May 19, 2014

The Dancing Saga Comes to an End

So, are you sick of hearing about Dancing with the Stars yet? No? Well then there's good/bad news for you. The good news is that this blog post is about Dancing with the Stars. The bad news is that it's the last post about said topic.
what is with iphone quality? I thought it used to be better...?
First, funny story. We were invited to a dinner beforehand at someone's house. I won't say who, because, I don't know, this is the internet. Anyway. I didn't recognize the name, so Alex and I drove to the address in the email, but the address was wrong, and the only house it could possibly be was this giant mansion that I have always had a hankering to tour, but knew it would never happen because, hello, it is someone's house. Turns out though, that the dinner was at that mansion. The home of some very prestigious people in Logan. And I got a tour of the whole house. And the whole yard. And then we had a fabulous catered meal, and I felt like a no-nothing because I didn't recognize the name!!! The dinner was amazing. That right there made the experience worth it.

The cute teachers at my school made those posters, and I felt so loved! Students, teachers, friends, and family showed up. I had one of the most supportive crowds there, and at that point I didn't care if I won! (I really wanted to win... ha ha.) We got out there and danced our best. I couldn't believe that I, Madeline Newhouse Casey, was actually dancing in front of a crowd of people! Afterward, we found out that my friend and former ward member Amanda was the winner! She danced swing, and was perfect, of course.

pretty sure she's my biggest fan. love her.

The best was as everyone was leaving, tons of kids from my school came up and gave me hugs and took pictures with me. They were so cute! I am so glad that I had this experience. I really stepped out of my comfort zone. From no dancing EVER to dancing the Samba in front of tons of people! I didn't know I had it in me.

Now, who wants to take a dance class with me? :)

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  1. SO CUTE!!!!! you are a star, you've always had it in you. :)

  2. This is so awesome! I'm glad all those people came out to support you, especially some of your kids and the other teachers, that's amazing. (: And it's wonderful that you stepped out of your comfort zone because in order for me to do that, I definitely would have to step wayyy beyond my comfort level! Major kudos!

  3. Wooooo! Congrats! You did amazingly! That's so exciting!
    Cute about all the kids too! :D

  4. You got to go to THAT mansion?!?! I hope it's the one I'm thinking of. And if it is, I can't believe you didn't recognize the name.

    And you must tell me all about it.


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