Tuesday, May 27, 2014

how does your garden grow?

While I was at school waiting for my students to finish P.E. today, I happened to read my friend Laura's blog. I was writing a comment about how we should get together soon (you know, the typical comment) and I was about to hit publish when my phone vibrated. Who was texting me, you ask? It was Laura!!! Surprise!

She wanted to know if I wanted to go get some succulents and cactuses/cacti/whatever and re-pot them to make them really cute! I didn't understand half of what she was talking about, but I know succulents are pretty and trendy and for all the right reasons, so I said yes. (The teachers at my school call me the "Leader of Whatever" because I'll do anything... and I don't see myself proving them wrong any time soon.)

Anyway, we went to the home depot, found the plants and pots and dirt... I mean it took a little bit. It took me dropping a cactus, and us debating if there was a smaller bag of potting soil, and trying to talk to an employee but getting blown off, and also me getting distracted by setting my plants up just right and running into a display with the cart... but we got the plants.

And then we potted them, and I really love them! I hope they stay alive. I've never had a plant of my own before. How do you take care of them? I would hug them, but they're kind of spiky and I got a sliver in my finger.

Do you guys know anything about plants? Give me some pointers!

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  1. haha i can't even describe how hard i'm laughing right now! i totally forgot you ran into that display and now i can't stop replaying it in my head and how that old guy just glared at you the whole time!! ahhh this was great. we'll do something (different) again sometime soon, okay!?

  2. I know enough to not try to keep one alive. ;)

  3. My cats keep destroying my plants. Sadly they seem determined to never let anything grow.


  4. I've REALLY been wanting some succulents lately, but I don't know anything about them either! I do know that I have killed multiple cacti because I'm less nurturing than a desert. So maybe I should just walk away. But my design plan needs them!!!!

  5. Next time, go to Tony's Grove for supplies. They are SUPER helpful. I love the people there. They will tell you how to plant things, care for them, and they even encourage you to bring your plants in if they have problems later on. They're awesome. I bought some succulents there a while ago and they gave me some good pointers about what soil to use, to put rocks at the bottom of the pots, how often to water. They even gave me a free bag of soil to use! Man, maybe they should pay me for all this advertising. Good luck with your little succulent family. They're cute!

  6. Mannnn. This makes me want to get plants so bad! It has been on my to-do list forever!


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