Monday, June 23, 2014

Seaside Vacation p. 2

This vacation was interesting for many reasons. The main reason was that neither of my sisters were there with us. It's always odd going on a family vacation without the whole family... Last year we didn't have Abi! But this year was all the more weird without both of them. Anyway, I guess this feeling kind of pushed us in the direction of trying new things! Because we definitely spent the whole trip trying things we've never done before, and it was good.

First stop: Portland

My dad has this motorcycle, a Harley Road King Classic, and it's pretty awesome. So he found out about Langlitz Leathers and we HAD to make a stop there. They make custom leather jackets and pants and everything you need made out of leather basically. We got a tour of the whole shop! My dad really wants a leather outfit for riding but... he has to save up some pennies first ha ha.

So this is how Voodoo Doughnuts happened. I was watching the travel channel one day, apparently by myself (which seems really out of character for me, so this story confuses me) and I saw voodoo doughnuts. I am not even a doughnut person, so I don't know why this stuck with me. There was just something about them, I suppose. Or maybe they worked their magic on me through the television screen? Anyway, I convinced everyone that we needed to make a stop there, so we actually tried to go there right after the airport on the first day! But when we drove over, there was a line all the way around the block so... we decided to wait a bit. When we went back, we went to their second location and there was no line at all which was awesome and this is a rambling long boring story, huh? Well, the doughnuts were amazing, to say the least. You can tell because I forgot to take a picture until they were basically all eaten.

These two pictures above are from the food truck street in Portland. I don't know guys, I guess I'm just not a food photographer. I'm more like a "food? Let's eat!!" person than a "wait! let me take a picture" person. We got hamburgers and they were perfect.

On our way back from Portland, we stopped and bought a helicopter ride!! I have seriously always wanted to go on a helicopter, and a helicopter ride over the coast was the perfect way to do it. The most surprising thing about it was that helicopters are actually really smooth. You feel like you're floating as you go up, and then it's kind of like driving on the freeway. It's not bumpy or jerky at all! My brother got to ride in the front, and the pilot taught him all about the controls. Alex and I sat in back and took as many pictures as we could. Even if it had been a real camera and not our iphones, I don't think we could have done the views justice. So so amazing. It was really cool to see a different perspective of our favorite places! (That's haystack rock from Cannon Beach in the last pic!)

And on the last day, we stayed in Seaside and rented beach bikes. I thought beach bikes were something I would really really enjoy. And I did enjoy them. For like the first 15 minutes, and then I realized we still had an hour and 15 minutes left and my legs were killing me!! Guess I should work out a little more. They were still really fun though, I would do it again.

So there you have it. My trip to Oregon in a billion pictures! I wish I was back there now...

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  1. a helicopter ride! so fun! i know what you mean about the bikes... that's how it was when we went to central park... those bikes are killer! it looks like you had a fun vacation though!
    the little diary


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