Thursday, July 3, 2014

Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods.

Well, hey there friends! Long time no see, as they say. Read, in this case. Long time no read.

I've thought about blogging. I've thought a LOT about blogging. Blogging requires some sort of energy that I just haven't had lately! Summer has been so dang good to me, that I used up all that energy, and at the end of the day I crawl into bed happy, which is something I am SO not going to complain about.

So, since we last met...

I had a ridiculously good time hanging out with old friends at a bridal shower! My freshman roommates will always be THE roommates. The ones you never forget, and hopefully continue seeing and keeping up with for the rest of your life. Amy is getting married, which means only Stacia is left! (And she is quite a catch, fellas.) (since fellas read my blog? what?)

Alex surprised me with a late anniversary date! I was still in school over our anniversary, and he was working, and May was just an all around crazy time of year for us, so we never got around to truly celebrating! Last week he told me he reserved me for Friday and Saturday, and that I wouldn't be around to work on Saturday morning. He picked me up from work on Friday and we drove to Rodizio Grill to have dinner! It's the same place we had our wedding luncheon, so I started piecing things together :) After which, we checked into the Grand America Hotel, where we spent our first night together married! Eek! I just have to say, their bathrooms are incredible. The end.

When we got back from that exciting adventure, Alex and I went house hunting for fun. Except, it was so NOT fun, in that way that it makes me want a house right here, right now, GIVE ME THE HOUSES!!! You know what I mean? Ah, young and married. Don't worry, I'm living in the moment, appreciating what I have... blah blah blah.

And finally... duh duh duh duh!!! I got my hair done. And wore a patriotic scarf.

For the fourth of July, Alex and I are going on a seven mile hike up a mountain carrying heavy backpacks, and then we'll watch all the fireworks from the top of a mountain, which is very romantic sounding, is it not? We'll see EVERYONE'S fireworks. And then we're going to stay the night camping, and there isn't a bathroom, or a camp fire, so just pray that I stay alive, ok? Ok.

So, alrighty then. That's about 5 blog posts condensed into one. Have a fabulous fire work independence day weekend!!!

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  1. I've missed your blogging! I hope you have fun camping!!!


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