Tuesday, July 8, 2014

fourth of july adventure!

Let me tell you all a little about my fourth of July.
It was quite the adventure, for starters!
We awoke in the early morning... I'm talking 4:50 a.m., and began our journey toward the mountain.
I was not incredibly excited.
In fact, I was pretty much dreading it. 
I know, I know. You guys! I was such a negative nancy! I should have been more excited, it was something Alex was really excited about. Maybe it was the early hour? Maybe it was because there would be no bathrooms? Maybe it was because we had to eat weird food? Maybe it was because we would have to wait 10 hours before any fireworks?
Anyway. I wasn't thrilled.
I'll let the pictures do the talking.
 photo b883542f-592c-448b-947b-d2c1ca98fa33_zpsc5801638.jpg

 photo c38d10d1-fe8a-4574-ad69-7618733502d1_zps7a31bdd6.jpg

 photo 9650cf30-39a0-4ac7-9ddb-a7c9e42e7758_zpsea88b0cf.jpg

 photo ffe5aa2c-be91-4edb-9dd4-3c590bba408d_zpsb4e318c5.jpg

 photo f1a6712b-37f7-49f1-92b4-dbdbd9cfb2ba_zps39753c73.jpg

 photo b2e881e1-c893-4608-9ff7-db795f8c1df1_zpsb1a5cae0.jpg

The view was pretty spectacular once you got up pretty high. 
I enjoyed that part. 
Except sometimes I would try to look at the view and I would start falling over because of my 30lb backpack. (not pictured)
It was fairly windy on the way up, and most of the hike was in shade.
That was the point of leaving so early! 
But... since we left so early, we got there at 10:30, set up camp, and then had nothing to do until dark.
It was really really hot. We were very very sweaty and bored.
You could say it was a low point in my life. You know, if you were being dramatic.
(Like I was)
Once it finally did get dark, we got to make a fun little campfire and get ready to watch all the fireworks in the whole valley!!!
Did I take pictures of either of those things?
But I promise watching the fireworks light up all over was pretty spectacular. If you ever get the chance to watch from the top of a mountain, I really recommend it!
After that we fell asleep.

In the morning, I convinced Alex to pack up really fast and get on the trail! It took us almost 4 hours to get to the top the day before, but you can bet your bottom dollar I was going to book it down the mountain that morning.
I was ready for a shower. And some Zupas.

 photo 41e8a7b9-2d9e-4d5f-bb15-2841d98891a0_zpsc9d307cf.jpg photo a010b35f-7f49-48b1-9037-a65094e42ea6_zpsa26da54f.jpg

Anyway, it wasn't all quite my cup of tea. But I have to say, the view is what we went for, and a wonderful view is what we got. Despite my bad attitude on the way up, I was happy to spend time with my husband in his element.

I mean seriously guys, it was a 14 mile hike round trip, and when we got home he went mountain biking. So... yeah.

What did you do for the fourth?

 photo madeline-sig_zps3d16e9d1.png

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  1. how fun! we almost went to squaw peak to watch all the fireworks but last minute decided not to, but hearing about your view from the top of a mountain, i wish we would have! haha!

    the little diary


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