Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 5 Most Beautiful

On this blog, and in my real life, I enjoy celebrating people. Like, you know what? If you feel good about yourself, take a selfie. No shame. We have every right to feel good about ourselves, and I don't think that's a problem. I guess it becomes a problem if you ONLY take selfies, and then it's like, hey! Maybe you should take some time to celebrate other people? Ha. I don't know. I don't make the rules! I just don't see a problem with being happy with yourself. On the other hand, I think we should make an effort to be happy for other people. Instead of putting down someone's selfie, or choosing to be jealous over other people achievements, I think we should just be happy for everyone!

I know, I should just go live on a cloud with a bunch of butterflies and sunshine, right?


When I saw this post on Torrie's blog, I was really excited! She picked five pictures of herself where she felt the most beautiful in her life. I'm a huge fan of that.  I though, why not do that? The more I thought about it, the harder it was to pick pictures. I could think of two photographed incidents where I felt really truly beautiful, which surprised me. So you know, it was time to dive into my photo archives and really think about my life and get all philosophical and stuff, and this is what I came up with:


This picture was taken my first summer as an EFY counselor. I had survived a pretty tough school year due to a couple factors... boyfriend... changing my major... and that summer was a major turning point for me! I was genuinely happy and felt really good about life. I felt beautiful.


First of all, what the cute short dark hair? I maybe should do that again... Anyway, I feel beautiful when I'm with my sisters. Because I think they're pretty dang beautiful themselves, and it's just fun to be around them. We have our normal sister fights about pointless things, but in the end, we're fiercely protective of each other, and only want the best to happen for each of us. I love that.


This picture has literally no significance except I just felt like I was looking pretty awesome that day. And I still feel that way. What? Celebrate it, people!


I am ALMOST embarrassed at how many pictures I have exactly like this one. The interesting thing is that I never took these pictures in the morning, I always took them when I got home from school. With my disheveled hair, and tired eyes, and I think I feel beautiful when I look at them because I know I was doing something good. Being a school teacher is completely exhausting and hard but I can't help but always feel like I've made a difference for the better, and that makes me feel beautiful.


My wedding day was perfect. I mean it. Literally NOTHING went wrong. But I didn't feel most beautiful because of my hair or make-up (although they both rocked). I felt beautiful because of that guy sitting right by me. And I still feel beautiful every day with him by my side! He always takes time to make sure I know how he feels about me, and never has a negative thing to say about how I look, even when I've just woken up which is saying something.

(Still working on celebrating myself in the morning... please tell me you have the same struggle?? We can do it together!!)

So there you have it! Harder than it looks people... you guys should try it too, and then let me know!

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  1. I love this post! I loved it on Torrie's blog too. I've been tempted to write one of my own, but I don't quite know where to begin...haha. Thanks for sharing. (p.s. I do love that cute short dark hair on you!)

  2. This is such a cool idea! I got to do itttttt. You are always beautiful!

  3. I totally love the top-knot you're rocking in #4---and it sums up EXACTLY how I feel most days after teaching. I really love that you shared this with me! (And I think your short dark hair is cute too!)


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