Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday! : School Edition + Giveaway!!

Hello lovely readers of the blog! And welcome to all new people! I am excited to have you. Stick around. Today I am linking up with Karli at September F A R M for Oh Hey Friday! as well as an awesome giveaway! Because who doesn't want free money! I never enter giveaways. I have this bad attitude about never winning anything, but I guess you could say I never win anything because I never enter, right? It's worth a shot! I should change my stars. (A Knight's Tale, anyone? It was on tv the other day...)

Okie dokie. So, five things! This week I have been ALL over the place because yesterday was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. WHAT? So let me tell you five things about this past week, since I decided to not blog anything until today. (Please forgive me. We also moved into a new apartment and didn't have internet for a while.)

1. I am IN LOVE with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. My school is a Leader in Me school, so we teach the habits to all the students, and let me tell you, the results are amazing. I have seen so much positive change! On Wednesday we had a refresher course on the whole program, and it pumped me up big time. I am taking control of my life! 

2. Organizing my classroom is a trial for me. I think most teachers are naturally really organized people, and super creative and crafty... but not me. I have to work really hard to have those traits. Being organized for me has been like, ok, I'll just drop this in that drawer and try to remember that I put it there... ha! So this year I decided to do a little bit better job... but we'll see.

3. I met my new students!! Last year was so so so amazing, I was afraid that this year could never measure up. I mean, on the last day of school, me AND the students were crying about it being over! That's kind of a big deal. When was the last time you cried about school being over? Anyway, I met the new kids, and they are adorable, and I think I could grow to love them just as much :)

4. I feel like a totally different person in my classroom. Like I'm onstage all day? I don't know if other teachers feel this way, but I am totally a character in my classroom. I'm bouncing around, talking in weird voices, being goofy... As soon as the kids leave I'm snoozin. Seriously. Most exhausting job of my life.

5. Dressing up for school is the greatest. I'm dressing for my character, right? I can get all Zooey Deschanel and no one even questions it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a first day of school pic... I guess your second year as a teacher isn't quite as exciting in regards to documentation. Sorry guys. 

And that's that!! You should link up your own Oh Hey Friday and let me know! I'd love to read! And don't forget to take a chance and enter the giveaway down below! Have a great weekend!

summer is coming to an end (whomp whomp) so what better way to drown our sorrows than in $150 cash. sounds more than a little fantastic to me. 

plus the gals that are bringing the $150 cash giveaway to fruition are super super. i mean...just check them out...aren't they dolls-faces?

get entered below. visit their super, fun blogs. thank me later.
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  1. I have survived the 1st week of my 4th year teaching. Every year is so different. I'd love to see some of your school attire. I really struggle with fashion.

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