Monday, October 6, 2014

my green jacket brings out the best in me.

Just so you all know. It's that time of year where I can wear my favorite jacket every day, and so I probably will. I just want to warn you. Because I'm guessing that just like last fall, almost every post will have a picture of me in this jacket. First, because I really only post pictures of myself. I'm no photographer. Second, because this jacket rocks. Because because because because BECAUSE!! Because of the wonderful things it does!!

And now for some shout-outs.

1. Shout out to my little brother because he's tall and handsome and sixteen years old and doesn't read my blog. He is too cool, and I respect that.
2. Shout out to my husband for a million things. But most importantly because I can count on him to get my fix for high school punk rock during his 10 minute showers.
3. Shout out to Sierra. (Ciera? I should have asked you how to spell it!) She was brave enough to say hi to me while out shopping on Saturday! What a thrill it was to meet a reader in person. I am very flattered.
4. Shout out to everyone who reads this thing I have the nerve to call a blog. I love you all.
5. Let's hear a shout out to my fourth graders. why not? I spend all day with them.
6. And six! Let's end on six. What have we got to lose? Shout out to parks and recreation because it is a lovely show and my husband is SUCH a Ben. It's incredible.

p.s. let's hear it for a blog post on a monday night! look out people! I'm on a roll!

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  1. I tried to post but it's making me do it again! So...I love reading your blog. It feels like we're in the same room! Happy fall, my lovely niece!

  2. HAHA! is he really ben? tooooo good. too good. we keep quoting chris while being positive. just tonight the sunset was lit'rally the most amazing sunset, we have ever seen, in our entire lives. ;)
    the little diary

  3. You are too cute, I'm glad I'm not the only one to wear the same jacket every day, I def have one of those.
    Your "because" reference made me smile --because…
    I love the wizard of oz, and I have vivid memories singing that song as a kid pronouncing it betuz betuz betuz betuz betuuuuuz :)))


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