Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday // 2

It has been like, I don't know, 3 weeks since the first and only What I Wore Wednesday on this blog? You know what is hilarious about that? The past couple weeks I have thought, "maybe I should post my outfits to my blog..." and then I was like, "no, I can't! I only took like 2 pictures!" TURNS OUT I took exactly 12 pictures, and now you all get to endure them today!

Here's a disclaimer: I'm not a fashion blogger. This is slightly because I'm lazy, but mostly because I just don't care that much. I love getting dressed. I love my clothes. I love the confidence you feel when you know you just nailed an outfit. Maybe that makes me a little shallow, but guess what? I also don't really care that much about that. The other thing I need to tell you is that I shop sales. One thing that really bugs me about most fashion bloggers is that everything they own costs like $237 individually, and I'm like THANKS BUT NO THANKS you know what I mean?

For instance, at J.Crew I love all their things but I'm not a moneybags by any means. I'm just a poor teacher woman trying to put her husband through college. So I shop their 40% off sales and I get an extra 15% off because I'm a teacher. (That's right, teacher friends! You get 15% everything at J.Crew, and also at LOFT! and other stores, but I don't shop there so I don't pay attention. You can google it.) Also, all my Nordstrom stuff? Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, ladies. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. That's all I need to say about that.

Moving on. Here are some blurry mirror pictures of me in outfits that are affordable and I love them. (Side note: One of my fourth graders told me yesterday that she told her mom she loves my outfits and wants to dress just like me and her mom said, and I quote "I think she dresses weird." So... I'm just going to keep being me. But I can't pretend it wasn't a blow to the old self esteem if ya know what I mean. I'm not a steel wall of emotionlessness. Ok, whatever, moving on.)

(left) top and skirt: Anthropologie (both sale items! both old! both very loved) shoes: famous footwear  necklace: gifted from my mom. probably anthro.
(right) shirt: nordstrom (sale)  shorts: bohme (girls night out sale! every conference weekend for you utah ladies) shoes: american eagle (years ago!!)

(left) shirt: Anthropologie  skirt: Nordstrom (anniversary sale!) shoes: Nordstrom Rack
(right) kimono: Nordstrom rack  necklace: same as above  t-shirt: Nordstrom (sale!)  pants: Nordstrom rack  shoes: same as left

(left) shirt: Anthropologie  skirt: Nordstrom Rack
(right) shirt: bella me in Logan  necklace: gifted from whitney  jeans: Nordstrom (sale!) shoes: I guess I wasn't really into shoes that day

 (left) jacket: Nordstrom (sale!) shirt: gifted from my sister in Maryland pants: Nordstrom Rack shoes: Nike Outlet in Seaside, Oregon
(right) blazer: H&M  t-shirt: J.Crew  neclace: lia sophia  pants: J.Crew  shoes: Nordstrom Rack

(left) sweater: LOFT  jeans: Nordstorm (sale!)  booties: Nordstrom Rack  goldfish crackers in the background? priceless.
(right) sweater: J.Crew  scarf: Bohme  pants: Nordstrom (sale!)  boots: Steve Madden  long socks: famous footwear

(left) cardigan: Gap  scarf: Miss Avenue in Westport, Washington  dress: Hip & Humble in Bountiful, Utah  belt: Ann Taylor
(right) jacket: Nordstrom (sale!)  sweater: Nordstrom (sale!)  skirt: Anthropologie  shoes: Hip & Humble in Bountiful, Utah

Well, that's all for today folks! Did you survive?! Do you even like these posts? You can tell me. I can take it. In other news, I'm on Fall Break!! So maybe I'll have time to blog the rest of the week! Oh my goodness, can you even imagine?

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  1. Omg what that parent said about your dressing, lol don't even listen to that, you are gorgeous and I love your style!
    Also, nordstrom, jeeze I need to be checkin out those sales

  2. You dress adorably! The mother was probably old and lame!!! haha. I also know what you mean about the fashion blogger thing. It's like how do you think people afford this stuff!?!


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