Thursday, October 16, 2014

my random thoughts on three unrelated topics for your enjoyment

Hello! Happy Thursday to you all! I am on my second day of Fall Break and feeling pretty uncertain about the whole thing. I mean, Alex is at school all day and basically into the night because of homework, and I am just kind of like... ok? Maybe I'll clean the house now. I guess I'll watch some Gilmore Girls. Check Twitter for the 40,000th time. So yeah, now I'm blogging. I don't have MUCH to say. But I do have a few things I've been thinking about, related to three pictures I have taken.

First: The picture below is a selfie I took in the car. This was last Saturday. Alex had gone up to the engineering lab to do some homework and I had finished being lazy at home, so I decided to venture out of the house. This was after watching several Vines on the app that I check MAYBE every three months. I noticed that nearly every vine that I watched took place in a car! What is this about? Do we receive more inspiration in our cars? Is it because we are generally alone so we do these things out of boredom? Are we more confident inside the vehicle? People are constantly taking pictures and videos inside their transportation of choice and it is quite perplexing to me. Not that I am immune to this, I, by no means am above the temptation... but it does seem strange the more I ponder on it. So, since I was pondering on it, I took a selfie in the car. Whatev. (Is it the muted lighting? So intrigued!) 

Second: This is a picture I took a few weeks ago of myself with my sister's cat after I went to a bridal shower. The cat was very fidgety. I got MANY classic pictures of us together. Mostly of one of my eyes kind of closed. Fantastic. Also, I miss my sisters like it is my JOB. I appreciate that they are off serving missions in far away places and doing great work and all that but HELLO, no one else GETS me, ya know? I mean, Alex gets me pretty well, but there are times when his chuckle at my joke would have been me and my sisters rolling on the floor laughing, you know what I mean? I think it's a sister thing. And I think 18 months is too long. I thought it was ok way back when they left, but I don't think so anymore. Good thing Abi comes home ON DECEMBER 3RD!!!!!!

Third: The other day I went to get my nails done with my good friend AMY! Did I say good friend? I meant great friend. I guess if I can't have my sisters, at least I have great friends, right? Anyway, It had been the longest day of school in the history of school days. I had used up ALL my energy on children that day. Even when I thought I had no more energy to give them, I pulled something out of my hat. You know what I mean? One of those days. So I was looking forward to this fantastic, relaxing nail appointment with an actual adult to talk to. When I walked into the salon however, I was surprised to see a student from my school there! Shocker! Her dad owns the place! So I spent most of the appointment chatting with a first grader instead of my adult great friend Amy. Plus side: She gave me lots of stickers for answering her questions. Example of said questions? Sure.

Little Girl: Ok. What do you need for Valentine's Day?
Me: Umm... a Valentine's Card?
Little Girl: No!
Me: I don't know. What?
Little Girl: Hearts! Get that in your head! You need to say it over and over again so that it gets stuck in your head. Say it!
Me: Hearts!
Little Girl: Say it again! Keep saying it!
Me: Hearts Hearts Hearts Hearts Hearts Hearts Hearts!!!
Little Girl: Ok. Is it in your head?
Me: Yes.
Little Girl: Good. You must never forget it! (sticks a sticker on my shirt.)

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