Tuesday, November 4, 2014

what i wore and other things

LEFT: shirt: Nordstrom (Anniversary sale!)  pants: The Limited  shoes: don't even remember at all
RIGHT: scarf: a street vendor in Cambridge, England... yes I felt snobby writing that.  sweater: borrowed from my sister Olivia on a mission I think from Loft.  pants: Nordstrom (Anniversary Sale!) and shoes: Nordstrom (Anniversary sale!)

Let's talk about how I never do my hair anymore? Yeah? Who has the time? I look at fashion bloggers and their perfect hair and I think to myself "self! Your hair doesn't look like that. You are failing at everything hair related." and then I actually do my hair like this past Sunday and I'm like, "self, it is obvious you just need to make hair a priority because you have some potential." And then I wake up on Monday morning and I'm like, "self, let's not get out of bed just yet."


In other news, I am obsessed with personality tests. It's like, I already know my personality, you know? I don't really need a test to tell me. But I like the tests, because they tell me. I feel like the tests GET me. For instance, I felt really truly understood when I took the Color Code test for fun the other day. I read the explanation (which I have read before...) and I was so amazed and heart warmed at the fact that YES! I am a white! That's it! I felt so validated about my life. You guys should take it and tell me what color you are and why you think it's be the best, because obviously white is the best, just saying. But you know, I'm open to trying to understand your color as well.

If you want to know everything about me, just read this description below.

What is your color?? Tell me!!

 photo madeline-sig_zps3d16e9d1.png


  1. Congratulations you are white! Haha! It just made me think of it telling you, that you are Caucasian.


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