Monday, November 3, 2014

insert fashion blog post title here a.k.a. BLACK AND MAUVE


I took pictures with a real camera this time! Did it make much difference? I don't know. I inherited this camera from my lil sis Abi while she's in Texas on a mission. When she comes back in ONE MONTH I guess I'll have to give it back! But then she can take pictures of me and Alex won't have to be bothered with it so much! I don't think he really minds, but he's so tall that the pictures look at a weird angle if he takes them standing up, so he has to kneel down to get a good angle. Also, the lens is a little whack I think because every picture is kind of blurry so maybe iphone photos are just as good? I have no idea!!!!

Yeah. We're professionals over here. Love it or leave it.

Anyway, this super awesome company eShakti sent me a really beautiful skirt for me to try out, and I am now going to share it with you on this social media outlet. (Side note: I was so excited to get this in the mail. I checked the mail every day which is not even normal behavior for me. One day I thought about checking the mail, and then figured it probably wouldn't be there - I was pretty jaded by disappointment at this point - but I had a strong feeling to go back and check, so begrudgingly I turned around and what would you know?! IT WAS THERE! So yeah, follow your heart, listen to the spirit, all that good stuff. There might be a skirt waiting for you on your porch.)

shirt: Nordstrom (anniversary sale!)  skirt: eShakti  tights: who knows who cares  boots: modcloth from FOREVER ago.

I tried to have Alex take close-up pictures of the detail on the skirt waist and pockets, but my skirt was WAY too wrinkly. It was pretty embarrassing looking. Let that be a lesson to me to always take pictures BEFORE church when you spend a lot of time sitting down and holding other people's babies. amiright?

The cool thing about eShakti is that they customize all their clothing to be the way you like it. Oh, the skirt you love it too short? Just ask them to lengthen it! The dress you can't stop thinking about has no sleeves? Ask them to add some sleeves to it! Pretty awesome, huh? I first heard about this company from my friend Elisabeth, and I was totally intrigued, so I was thrilled when they contacted me. I would definitely buy something from them in the future!

You should buy something from them now, because I have a 10% off code for you!! Enter the code "psmynameismadeline" and receive 10% off your purchase from 11/03/14 to 12/03/14. That's a whole month, and wouldn't you know it... it's the holiday season. Hint hint nudge nudge.

p.s. Follow eShakti here, here, and here!

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  1. No way! My eshakti post is going up tomorrow! I checked the mail every day for WEEEEEEKs and it finally came and I was so so so happy. I love the pictures!


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