Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Vacation

This old house... sure is lookin' good! (name the movie!!!)

Oh hello there, everyone who reads this blog. I have returned simply because I have nothing else to do at the moment and I know I should be updating about my life. So much life is happening lately, there is hardly any time to even talk about it! But oh well, there are worse things than having a ridiculously awesome life. If you ask me, which my brother would say, no one did.

My last day of school was Dec. 19. Alex and I came down to my parents house on the 21st. We're still there! What's the point of staying in freezing cold Logan with nothing to do and nowhere to be, when we could be in Farmington which is close to civilization and has our families in it as well? Exactly.

Anyway, let's just speed up to Christmas Eve. Why not?

Christmas Eve is so magical! We went to dinner and a movie with my grandparents. I just have to share this hilarious story that happened, and my grandparents totally read my blog so just know that I love you both very much and treasure these memories! We were sitting in the theater, and just as the previews started, my grandpa got a phone call. Did he silence his phone and put it away? No! He answered it. He proceeded to talk through all the previews. My favorite part though was when I heard him say, "We're seeing Night at the Museum" and then there was a pause followed by, "Well, I didn't choose it!!" AH! I was laughing so hard. Don't worry, he put his phone away when the movie started. My grandpa is one of my favorite human beings by far.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and then went home and opened our Christmas pajamas. Some traditions really never get old! Oh! And earlier that day we opened presents from our secret santa. I got the cutest little children's books. I don't even have kids, but I could not stand how adorable these were! Check them out here.

That brings us to Christmas Day! Alex and I woke up to a beautiful snow fall! I'm sure you've heard about this from every single person who lives in Utah, but the weather was so dreary and then suddenly on Christmas we had a beautiful snowy day! We went over to his family's house and ate breakfast and opened presents with them. They are so much fun to be with and I really enjoyed our morning! We had to rush back over to my house though, because my little sister Olivia was going to skype us from West Virginia!

Can you tell she's my sister? It's not like we look exactly alike or anything. The first thing she said to Alex was that he needed a hair cut. So no one panic, he went and got one the next day. I guess all it took was Olivia's opinion. It was so good to talk to her! She is awesome and doing a great job on her mission! What was really cool was the had been to a record store in West Virginia and she bought each member of the family a record that reminded her of us. We didn't have a record player to play them on, but she just thought they were too cool to pass up.

After we finished talking to her, we went upstairs to finish opening presents as a family!

My dad was getting a ladder for Christmas and my mom thought as soon as he saw it he would know what it was, so Alex wrapped it and constructed another box to make it look like a rocket! My dad was definitely fooled!

I was so spoiled on Christmas! I got so many awesome things. As my mom says though, I'm spoiled, but I'm not rotten... ha ha. And the craziest part was.... a few months ago I suddenly had an inkling that I would like a record player! And I got one!!!!

So remember all those records Olivia sent? They've been on repeat ever since Christmas. My record player is also a DJ turn table, so maybe someday I'll have an awesome dance party and invite you all. We shall see.

That night we went back to Alex's family's house because his sister was calling from the MTC. It was awesome to hear from her as well! On our way back, we hit some black ice and ended up doing a 360 on the highway. I was quite panicked and immediately burst into tears. Alex calmly got us back on the road and we drove home. It was all fine in the end, thank goodness! 

It was a wonderful Christmas.

Speaking of ice, kind of, we've had a ridiculous wind storm over here! The wind was blowing 70 mph last night, and we were all worried because our little cat was outside during the whole thing. We weren't sure if she'd survive the wind and freezing temperatures. This morning while I was reading in bed, I hear a little meow outside. I ran out and there she was! She had ice in her fur and looked completely exhausted, but she survived. Now she's cuddled up next to my leg and looks like she's forgotten the whole ordeal.

Anyway, can you believe it's almost 2015? Should I make a goal to blog more?

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  1. Your brother looks so old. What the heck?

  2. All I want to know is this: at Texas Roadhouse, did you eat the loaded mashed potatoes???

    1. No! But I have had them before and they are awesome.

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time!! :) Hope you have a happy new years!

    1. I did! Thank you. I hope you had a happy new years too!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I'm jealous of your snow! It's summer here in New Zealand, but having spent the past 2 Christmases in England, I'm craving colder weather over this Christmassey season. Ah well.
    Love that you got a record player!!

    1. Well I would love to be in New Zealand for Christmas, so I guess the grass is always greener ;) the record player is awesome!!

  5. Merry Christmas! Sounds lovely. Your grandpa's comment made me laugh :D

    1. It was lovely! My grandpa is hilarious :)


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