Monday, December 15, 2014

Random catch-up and things I've been wearing

Last Tuesday, Alex and I headed down to Salt Lake to go to the Supply Link Christmas party at The Roof. Supply Link is my uncle's business in Bountiful and I work for him whenever I have a spare moment. It's a pretty cushy deal. The Christmas party is something I look forward to every year! Temple Square just does Christmas right, you know?

jacket: Nordstrom (anniversary sale)  dress: Nordstrom (anniversary sale) Tights: who knows  shoes: Nine West  pearls: Jerrick's Fine Jewelry, Logan UT (Christmas gift last year!)
 jacket: Nordstom (anniversary sale) shirt: Nordstrom Rack  jeans: Lucky Outlet  shoes: Gap Outlet

sweater: Gap Outlet  shirt: Nordstrom (anniversary sale!)  jeans: H&M  boots: Steve Madden
Funny story about this sweater; I tried to take a picture of the back so you could see, the back of the sweater is sliced open so you can see the shirt underneath. I was walking down the hall and some teachers started joking that it was a good thing I had a shirt underneath or it would be like I was wearing a hospital gown or something! I can't tell if that means the sweater is totally the worst? I thought it was kind of unique. What do you guys think?

terrible lighting: because it's early in the morning. or late at night. can't remember. shirt: J. Crew Outlet pants: the Limited  shoes: Nordstrom Rack  necklace: gifted

 Saturday Outfit! sweater: Gap Outlet ($3 just had to say.)  jeans: Nordstrom  shoes: Vans

I went to a Mary Kay party on Saturday morning and got a make-over with my friend Kiana. What do you think??

I think we're about all caught up. Except for Christmas Decorations. I should probably document my cute apartment... here's hoping I take the time! Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. That sweater is definitely not the worst. I think it's adorable, open back and all! It totally adds to the style.


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