Saturday, December 13, 2014

My sister is home!!

Finally finally (18 months later) my sister has returned home! It was so surreal standing there at the airport waiting for her. When people are gone, it gets to the point where you are comfortable with life without them, you know? I mean, of course I missed her. I always missed her. But it became just a normal thing to say that my sister was on a mission. Lots of things happened during those 18 months that she wasn't there for! (My brother growing like a foot and a half being one of them.) 

I'm so glad she's home and we can start making memories together again! Sisters are so special. My mom was right when we were little "your sister is your best friend". (We always thought she was a special kind of crazy, my mom, but it turns out she's a genius!)

daddy daughter!! (I would have posted the classic picture of the missionary hugging their mother, but we didn't get a good one, and it wasn't worth it... believe me, it happened first, as usual.)

 Once we got her back it was like nothing had changed!!

And we especially knew nothing had changed when she got home and immediately found and cuddled her cat.

Glad you're home, Abi!

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  1. Love the Santa collection.

    And also, WELCOME HOME, ABI!!!!!!!


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