Monday, December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving is simply the best! For many reasons. First reason - I don't have to go to work. Second reason - I get to spend time with my family. Third reason - We go up to a cabin in Island Park, Idaho and laze our days away.

(In case you had a deep desire to know what I wore last Wednesday, this was it. And the rest of the week was full of pajamas. Dressing up for Thanksgiving is a foreign idea to me.)

How could it get any better?? I am thankful for all of those things.

We've been going to Island Park since I was like 15. It's such a fun tradition to be keeping up, I can't imagine having Thanksgiving anywhere else! We bring all the food already made with us, so Thanksgiving really consists of just warming things up. We are thankful for places that cater Thanksgiving meals.

We went up last Wednesday and immediately got settled in by playing a game of risk. I think Risk is actually really named risk because it is risky to your relationships to play it. My strategy in games like that is to lay low. Don't get involved in any land wars in Asia if you know what I mean. (Princess Bride anyone? anyone?) Anyway, I did lay low, and thanks to my sweet brother who really just likes the army guys and isn't into the fighting, I slowly took over the whole board and won the game. However, at one point Alex tried to fight me and I kind of lost my cool... I can only blame it on the lateness of the hour.

I didn't take any pictures of this. Surprise surprise.

On to Thursday!

On Thursday I woke up and ate pie for breakfast. Then I made it my goal to get to 4096 on the 2048 game before Alex. I never made it. He did home work. HOMEWORK! On Thanksgiving. Ah well. What can you do with such a smart handsome husband besides love him to pieces????

After the dinner, which I did not photograph because I didn't care enough, my mom and I scrapbooked our lives away. This is also a cabin tradition and I needed to finish my wedding book that I started last year! It turned out fabulous if I do say so myself.

me with no makeup. soak it in, people.
 the best wedding ever, if i do say so myself.

My little sister took that picture that my mom is holding in her hand. It does this thing where it's kind of an optical illusion! Like, you look at it one moment and the feet look like they are imprinted in the sand, but then you turn your head a certain way, and suddenly they are poking out! I have this classic video of my mom staring at it and saying, "It's in! It's out! It's so in!" a million times. So... inside joke I guess.

After this day the time kind of blurs a little bit. At one point the power went out for a good half hour which was kind of fun. Stranded in a cabin with no power!! It kind of forced us to be together and chat a little bit. It's amazing how spread out you can get in that cabin!

On Saturday morning we went snowmobiling! I had never been before, and for good reason! It's hard! My hand was going to fall off. I almost panicked several times. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have a slight fear of water, and I kind of felt the same way about riding this machine in the snow. But I survived. However, we got to a fork in the road and the guy who was helping us was like, "Ok, one of these paths goes for three more hours, and this one goes for one more hour, how are you guys feeling?" And the boys were like, "We can go on the three hour one!" and I was like, "Nope. No way. I'm going home." So we split up and I went home and had a shower. I felt good about it. Although now I'm more sore than I have ever been in my WHOLE LIFE.

Anyway, I'm thankful for everything. I didn't write a thankful post or join any thankful challenges or anything because I don't feel like those ever adequately express my true gratitude for all that I have in my life. I know I'm one of the lucky ones, and I don't take that for granted. My life is good and beautiful and I am so happy!

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  1. We always go up to Island Park too! Not for Thanksgiving but twice a year. I love it up there! I love the scrapbook idea, so cute.

  2. I love that you made a wedding scrapbook with handwritten captions! you will love that FOREVER, I'm sure. I bought a photo book but I love the idea of a scrapbook. happy thanksgiving!

  3. Your thanksgiving looks wonderful. Also, do you wear the hunter boots from the kids section (nothing wrong with that, i'm debating on getting some kid ones for myself) or are they actually that short? Also, if you do have the kids ones, do you like them?


    1. Hi! Great question! Hunter boots come in a variety of styles. Most people wear the normal knee height boots. I don't feel like those look good on me, so I opted for their shorter height. They are not children's! Although there is nothing wrong with getting those :)

  4. you look the same with makeup and without it. what a blessing.


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