Monday, January 12, 2015

recipe for a monday

Monday's Outfit consisting of: Sweater: Nordstrom  Shirt: Bella Me  Jeans: Lucky  Shoes: Nordstrom

You know how Mondays go. You wake up and can't believe it's actually a real day that you have to go do real things. Weekend? Was there even a weekend? You know the feeling. Today it was worse, on account of the rain. Does rain do that to anyone else? It sends signals to my brain begging me to just climb back in bed and continue sleeping, or reading my book.

(Or watching Scandal, which I had every intention of watching while Alex did homework as my new "I'm a homework widow" tv show, but as luck would have it, Alex caught half an episode with me and has declared it our new "watch as a couple" tv show. So I'm trying to get into Parenthood on my own.)

Anyway, I dragged myself to school. Dragged myself through the whole day, if I'm being honest. I thought of like 10 things I could blog about, and then they escaped me. I've started jotting down notes of things that I think are interesting enough to blog about, and so far I have two. One is a quote from a student, and one is a story about Alex. Want to hear them? I bet you do.

J: Teacher? What's your favorite thing? Going to NYC? (pronounced N-Y-C)
Me: What?

I mean... I've never been to NYC let alone talked about it to anyone in fourth grade. I don't know where he comes up with these things. He literally has a one liner like this every day. So I'm trying to keep track of them now.

Are you loving the direction this blog post is taking? a.k.a nowhere? Bah! Stay with me people.

Yesterday Alex tried to swaddle me like a baby. He grabbed the blankets and started wrapping them around me every which way. I was shocked at first, but then I realized that if I was a real baby being swaddled, my arms and legs would be kicking around. I proceeded to kick and punch the air. Afterward, Alex simply said, "You are a hard baby to swaddle". And that was that.

And that's how you make a Monday. Over and out.

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  1. I try sooo hard to keep my shows I watch alone a secret. Ain't nobody got time to wait for my husband to have free time!

  2. hahaha i can only imagine him trying to swaddle you! i also love your outfit :)

  3. Parenthood is a great show to watch! I vote yes to that!

  4. Parenthood is a great show to watch! I vote yes to that!


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