Thursday, March 5, 2015

long time, no blog

It's me. I'm here, with no pictures. I am kind of over it though. What is this blog? I ask myself daily. I honestly have never truly cared about making money from a blog. I liked documenting my outfits, because it helped me be creative. I enjoy writing memories from my life, because they are fun to read later. I like getting comments and commenting on other people's blogs. I'm just not super invested in making this blog a huge deal I guess. But it's my blog, so I forgive myself. I go through blogging phases. Perhaps this will pass!

Anyway, life lately has been crazy. Actually a few big things have been happening, but you'll have to wait to find out what they are. Because everyone loves it when bloggers say that! But honestly, I think that's why I've been having a hard time blogging. It's because the stuff I WANT to write about, I can't write about yet!

So... anyway, here are some things of note lately.

1. Lately I've been invited to a thousand and one Mary Kay parties. I go to them. I like them. It's weird, because I didn't think I would. But their products are really great and my face always feels like a million bucks afterward, so I have literally no complaints. I have seriously considered becoming a Mary Kay consultant. The jury is still out. Opinions?

2. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy and I just have to say, didn't they say this season was going to be all about Meredith? Because there has been maybe one episode solely about Meredith and I'm getting bored.

3. Teaching is exhausting. Every day I come home exhausted. I fall on the couch and I don't move for the next four hours. The kids are cute, but they take SO MUCH of my energy. My class last year was not this way. I cannot believe the difference!

4. My nose is so stuffy I am going to die. Saline spray, nasal strips, tons and tons of tissues. These are my best friends.

5. Ok, but my real best friend is Alex. I always have to throw him in here, because I like him so much.

6. The weather lately, right?

7. Alex got called as a den leader to the scouts and just walked out the door for his first meeting in his cute uniform, singing an Argentine song he was going to teach the kids.

8. My front room is a shoe graveyard. Full of my own shoes. I look at them, and I know they should be upstairs, but they look so happy down here, I can't bear to move them. (Or that's what I tell myself.)

9. The other day one of my students didn't do his writing, so I told him he got a zero. So apparently he went home and told his mom, and his mom wasn't ok with that, so she made him write it at home. Which is fine, but he didn't do it at school and he has major attitude so I wasn't going to accept it anyway. And THEN he tells me that she's typing it up for him. I was like, excuse me???? Your mom does not do your homework. Double zero. Don't do your kids homework, people. Don't enable that. Oh my, I could go on and on.

10. Funny quotes from my most random student:
J: You should live in the four seasons. It's beautiful there.

J: (staring at the whiteboard) Look at that lady over there, walking toward the door!
Me: (Look over, nothing is there. No door.)
J: Oh! Oops! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm not looking at anything!!

J: Teacher, I found an Easter egg. And there is a toilet in someone's yard.
Me: What does that have to do with the Easter egg?
J: That's what it is! It's a secret!

(I told Alex about that last one and he acted like it made so much sense. Like, he could have been talking about Easter Eggs that you find in movies - like random things planted in scenes just for fun? I never would have come to that conclusion.)

That's all for now, folks.

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  1. I LOVE mary kay products. I've thought about selling it when I have time to invest in it as a hobby. My husband is in cub scouts and I went to some banquet with him last week, it's so funny because I have no idea what goes on in scouts haha

  2. Hmmm, Mary Kay is hard because I have gotten stalked so many times that I have bitter feelings BUT on the other hand I feel like a lot of people do Mary Kay so they can be a stay at home Mom or whatever the case may be but I feel like not enough people do it because they actually like the product. So I say DO IT if it makes you happy!

  3. This makes me believe there is a fetus in your body. Buuuut, what do I know? :)


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