Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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blurry selfie we took after I heard the people behind us say, "oh, we should probably get out of these girls' selfies!"
This past weekend I went to a musical with my mother, and my sister Abi. We saw Mamma Mia!! We watched the movie all the time together while my sisters and I were teenagers, and the music is in our blood. So when my sister got the tickets for Valentines Day... you can't blame us for hoping her date wouldn't work out. Obviously you can see how that story played out. We weren't mad about it.

People are so fascinating to me. I have witnessed some interesting behaviors lately! For instance! At Mamma Mia, there were two ladies sitting in front of me looking at some text messages on a phone. I was mostly talking to my sister and this awesome lady we met sitting next to us, but when the play was about to start, they didn't put the phone away. You guys, I read the text messages. Don't judge me. How could I not? The lights were off and they clearly did not care about cell phone etiquette. The text messages were a literal soap opera and I am not even kidding you. This lady was talking to this man about how he married someone else to hurt her, and he was sure she was in love with someone else, but he has always loved her and divorced this other woman to be with her! And she said, no! We're done! Stay away from my family. And he kept asking if this meant it was over for good? I seriously could not look away. I wanted to tell the people who were asking the lady to put her phone away to shush, because they did not know what they were missing out on.

Another episode I witnessed was just today! I entered the church on a Tuesday night to hold a nursery meeting. The church was over run by teens playing basketball, and I stumbled upon a heated conversation in the hallway which involved a cop telling a teen that he was going to tase him! Tase him! In church!! I mean, I knew church ball got heated but... what?? I scurried to the nursery room and told everyone in sight what I had witnessed.

Today on the way in from recess my student who I always post quotes from put his hand on the small of my back, leading me gently in front of him and saying, "After you, madame!" I don't know where he gets this stuff, but he better keep it up!

In other news, what about people who say they are going to show up, and then they just don't? Huh? What about them? WHere do they get off? (The W and the H were capitalized on purpose for those of you who haven't seen Hot Rod.)

Well, anyway, stay tuned for a post where I praise the guts out of my husband. I feel it coming on!

peace out.

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  1. Ha ha ha I really enjoyed this. People are very interesting.


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