Sunday, April 26, 2015

a long time coming...

Hi! So... if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or if you're friends with me on Facebook you probably saw the news! Surprise! The reason I've been so absent from this blog is because we're actually expecting a baby!

Which, you're probably still like, why would you wait so long to say something? Aren't you super excited? And the answer is YES! WE ARE SUPER EXCITED.

Here's how it all went down:

January 5th - (same day Alex and I got engaged two years prior) I took a pregnancy test right before school (bad idea!!) and it was POSITIVE. I immediately started sweating (if you've read this blog for a while, you know this is something that happens to me when I get overexcited) and then I felt like an idiot because I was late for school, so I had to run out the door and I couldn't tell Alex! So I suffered through the whole day going through hot flashes of "what the heck did I just get myself into/this is so weird/I'm so excited"... it was an emotional roller coaster.

Telling Alex on Jan. 5th - I told Alex after school. I brought down the pregnancy test, and had my phone ready to get his reaction on camera. He had the cutest open mouthed excited face, and then he saw the camera and hit it out of my hand! Unfortunately the camera kept rolling, so you can hear me crying my eyes out (also something that happens when I get overexcited) and sobbing about how I wouldn't be able to ride any rides at Disneyland.

The rest of January - EXHAUSTION. A touch of morning sickness for a couple weeks. EXHAUSTION. Ridiculous pregnancy Rhinitis which means my nose is stuffy for the whole 9 months. EXHAUSTION.

February - EXHAUSTION!!!!!!! Literally couldn't stand up for more than 30 seconds without feeling faint. Made teaching quite the adventure.

February 14th - We had the first doctors appointment on the 10th and then we decided to tell our families on the 14th! I was 11 weeks along, but we could not wait. We gave them both a little children's book with an ultrasound picture in it and a note that said, "read to me in September 2015!" They were shocked to say the least. But everyone is super excited! We love babies!

March - Broke through the first trimester and suddenly ENERGY!! Still got my handy dandy stuffy nose, but don't worry. I got a system down. Shoot my nose up with saline spray every morning and night. Blow like a mad woman. Sleep with an extra strength nasal strip. Alex says I snore every now and then, but hey, he's getting a baby out of it.

April - Feeling like I should probably announce publicly the pregnancy but here's the deal... I wasn't showing. Like, at all. Like... I tried to document my stomach growing by taking pictures every week but every week it still looked exactly the same. I even got my sister to come take pictures of me, and I dressed up all cute, and she was way annoyed with me because you couldn't even see anything and she was wondering exactly what I was expecting from this photo shoot. I don't know... That my baby bump would  magically appear I guess! Lucky for both of us, the photos turned out completely blurry.

That brings us to April 21st! I was 20 weeks along and we found out we are having a boy! I am so excited! I have no idea what to do with a boy, but we will have a lot of fun learning, I'm sure! Exclamation mark! I couldn't take my eyes off that ultrasound screen and I wanted to cry when it was over. Talk about cuteness overload. Also weirdness overload... there is a human in my belly.

We announced the gender to everyone except our families right away! (Except my sister Olivia on a mission, because I told her she should have a member text me and ask the day of... so she was actually the first to know! Yay Olivia!) We decided to announce it to our families with a box with a blue balloon in it and some cute little boy things.

Also, if you've read this blog, you know I didn't get any good pictures of this and I'm the lamest blogger ever. It is what it is.

Also also, my baby bump showed up at week 19. It's small, but it's trying really hard. You also can't see it in the pictures. I don't know what to say except sorry... I'll never be pinterest worthy!

 Green! A gender neutral wrapping paper. Alex's cute mom decorated for the reveal. Alex was deathly ill and is not photographed in anything. Just another one of our failings...

 Random.. my baby moved his arm during his picture and it looks blurry and weird, and that's how my arm looks in this picture. We're related! 

Tried to show the bump... looks awkward instead. My baby will need to learn that I'm a little embarrassing.

Phew! I think we're all caught up. I mean, except for the fact that I'm moving to Indiana. But we'll save that for another blog post.

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  1. Love this! So exciting and I know how you feel about the bump! I'm 26 weeks and people are still asking me if I'm morning sick. I personally feel like I've grown so much!

  2. Congratulations, that's super exciting! You are gonna be the cutest mom!

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  4. Congrats!! Hopefully you don't mind a random reader keeping up with your life. :) that's exciting!!

    1. Of course I don't mind! Thank you for your kind words. I am excited!

  5. Oh my goodness congrats!!!! :D :D

  6. Yay babies!!!! Seriously can't wait to see what he looks like!! Most definitely cute. Also consider yourself lucky you didn't start showing for a while. I mean, when the baby is so small and you start getting fat and none of your clothes fit, it's a hard situation! Just trust me ;)

    Also you're moving to Indiana?! Whaaaa??

    1. Thanks! I am counting my blessings that my pants still fit! Sometimes I wear maternity pants for fun though because they are so comfortable :) I will talk about Indiana soon!

  7. Congrats!! My bump didn't really show up till after 20 weeks. More like 22 weeks. I'll be 28 tomorrow, due in July. I hear you on the exhaustion though I didn't get it as bad. I had alot of nausea, but no throwing up. Now I'm just dealing with the pressure of my ever expanding uterus and feeling really uncomfortable on the inside. Anyhow congrats mama!!!


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