Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Status Quo

You know that feeling when you hear sirens, and see fire trucks and police cars and maybe an ambulance driving past you really fast, and you can't help but wonder what is going on? There's this crazy curiosity and feeling of mystery, right? That's the feeling I get when I think about moving home on Thursday. I'm so excited to move on from my Sophomore year of college, It's ridiculous. Last year when I moved home, I was super sad. Saying good bye to all of the new friends I had made that year. Knowing that I would be stuck at home most nights because all my friends live in all different directions...
This year I'm just excited. I'm ready for a change. I feel like starting over. Like going to my new singles ward at home, and being an EFY counselor is going to establish the new and improved 20-year-old model of Madeline. Hmm... wish me luck haha.

On a different note, I've been reading that terribly controversial (gasp!) Mormon Bachelor Pad blog. I have to admit, that while I find those boys to be incredibly stupid sometimes, I'm not overly offended like some people. Who cares, really, if some boys in Salt Lake want to act like idiots sometimes? I mean, most of the time they aren't even that bad. I do find myself wondering if the blog is even for real... That would be cool if it was, but I mean, let's face it. Two 22 year old guys, who spend most of their time picking up chicks, also find time to blog about it? In great detail? Which is very entertaining?

What surprises me, I guess, is the validity of their stories. I mean, I guess people really do make out all the time. I just didn't realize it until now... I always thought that I was the normal one, you know? I thought that my standards for not wasting kisses on people were pretty average. I mean, sure, I've kissed people. But I've never had a NCMO or even become a True Aggie... I guess I have to know you really like me first haha. From what I've heard lately, random make out sessions are quite normal. I'm the weird one. Go figure.

...Oh well, I don't plan on the 20-year-model of Madeline changing her standards :)



  1. what is that blog you are talking about?

  2. It's They're way funny, and really just telling the truth... I don't know, I like it haha.


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