Thursday, August 26, 2010

Failure is not an option...

Getting to Logan: Scene 1

I drive to Logan on Monday, hurry and shove my frozen food in my new freezer. Fly out the door and run up to campus. Hike up the billion stairs to get to the top floor of the Geology building. Run into a 30 minute long line to get into the computer lab for the math placement test. Glance at the clock... 3:25. Class starts in 35 minutes. Shuffle from foot to foot, wondering if taking this test really is mandatory before class... Make friends with the girl in front of me, she's taking the class too. Try to eavesdrop on the whispering girl 10 people ahead of me. Finally make it inside the lab. 3:50p.m. Begin the test. X is equal to what now? Log of huh? Graph that? yeahh... a, c, d, b, a, c, d, b. Check the clock 4:05. Finish test. FAIL. 20%. Run to class.

Good thing I signed up for a refresher course huh?
Don't sit around waiting for me to fail this time.
Success is the only word I know.

p.s. Saudi Arabian's gaming all day, taking my internet connection? Comcast, here I come.

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