Monday, June 27, 2011

you don't know

What is my story? Here I sit on my bed, with my computer, answering frequent text messages, and pondering what to do next. And I have that certain thought. What is my story? I've come 21 years to this spot, right here. What have I done? Am I who I wanted to be? Looking back on my life, I can see a lot of untapped potential. Moment that I should have expanded on - tried to make them greater. Instead I sat back and smiled at the moment, but then waved it away and continued walking on. And here I sit, a body of undeveloped talents, dream, and wishes. 

But that's a bleak outlook, isn't it? That isn't my story. My story is about a person who made it this far with a smile on her face. A person who, when she knows what she wants, does everything in her power to get it. A person who knows what her strengths are, even if she's afraid to admit to them. It's about a girl who has goals, has talents, has happiness. It's about a girl who always chose friends wisely and loved her family. A girl who realized she should be a teacher, because she couldn't live life feeling that she wasn't making a difference in the world. A girl who chose to be an EFY counselor because she had something important to share. It's about a girl who grew up with standards and stuck to them. Who learned how to find love, share love, be loved, give love, and when it's ok to give up on love. It's about a girl who tries every day to be a better person.

So, when I look back on my life, and see the things I should have done but didn't, I really need to remember the things I have done that were good. My life is good. Oh, so good.

My story is about me. And it isn't over quite yet.

p.s. life without efy. hard.

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  1. Yes! Good! I think everything about you is good.


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