Sunday, July 24, 2011

abbreviations make me want to barf

this is the view from a lovely rock.
Finally, after months and months of planning and hoping and dreaming, I made my way down to the little town of Parowan in Southern Utah.
It was very nice there.
Land everywhere.
Friends everywhere.
Four-wheeling everywhere.
Disappearing on purpose for hours, hoping someone else will make the dinner.
And sitting on a log, looking at the stars.
And having a hard time stopping.
Because they'll be gone in the morning.
And so will I.

p.s. what's the record for longest conversation ever? I bet I can beat it.


  1. U R SO cool. that's fab that you had fun. let's chill when U get back. I'll have 2 check my sched. luvs.

    oh wait, you don't like abbreviations? .....sorry.

  2. Abi, you shouldn't joke about the abbreviations, I'm currently barfing into a pail next to my lap top because of your teeny bopper slang.

  3. That was super nice of whoever made you dinner. He must be a really awesome person. :)

  4. Jason, people who compliment themselves in the third person are weird.
    Madeline, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the mother town.

  5. Sounds like a great time! :)

  6. you guys are all funny. and cool.


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