Saturday, August 27, 2011

hello there, can i take your order?

me: Guess what I did today?
braden: um... ran a mile?
me: no... that would have been cool of me. I had a photo shoot with my new panini maker...
braden: I'll admit, I never would have guessed that. Ever.

pictures by Abi
You guys. I have a confession. You may have already guessed it. 
That's right.
I love panini's. 
So I thought, "hey! I love panini's. I'm going up to college. I should have a panini maker."
I told my mother.
She agreed.
And here we are today, folks. I got the panini maker. I put on my pink lipstick. And then we had a photo shoot. Just me and my true love. We needed some quality time. (that's my love language, after all.)
I honestly cannot wait to make a delicious panini, with ham and cheese, and tomatoes on the side. 
Do you want one? Come on over to my lovely house! I'd be happy to oblige.
You can call me Chef Madeline. I won't mind.

p.s. haley, sometimes I wish you weren't gluten free...


  1. i think you have a future as a model, and i have a future as a photographer. we are awesome. and so are paninis.

  2. I figure I ought to comment on the blog post that I get a mention in.

    I might have to take you up on that panini offer, Chef Madeline.

  3. :( me too. Only not usually, because being GF'n is the bees knees

  4. ha! Oh my gosh. I just love you. And this made that love sprout, and really fast.


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