Monday, August 29, 2011

it's 10:30, and i'm done with school for the day...

Frankly, the universe is against my little blogging fingers lately. And so, in a last attempt to thwart the universe, I am awkwardly blogging in the very public library on campus at Utah State University. Hello, you library people! Why are you here? It's the first day of school! You can still get some relaxation! Oh, you don't have internet at your house yet? Just like me? Fancy that.

The most devastating part about the no internet situation is that I cannot post pictures of my absolutely lovely and darling house. Haley and I have fallen in love. In love with the archways over the doors, and even the one in our shower. An unexpected detail in a pink tiled bathroom. In love with the dining room and kitchen, with so much space, we hardly know where to start. And with our adorable living room, a blank canvas with four couches, quite a few tables with doily adornments, two televisions, and a large fireplace. In love with the long staircase, the bottom of the railing held together by wires. The wood floors upstairs, and slanted ceilings in the bedrooms. Even quite in love with the idea that, coming into this, we had no idea who our other roommates would be, but it turns out that about half went to our high school.

What an adventure. I believe this house will be perfect.

p.s. pictures will come as soon as this internet is figured out, promise.

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  1. Couldn't agree more :)
    My favorite part is the lovely white water :) Paha


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