Friday, August 26, 2011

i am a shade of bright pink

Disclaimer: This is not a picture of me. If you couldn't tell. 
Right now I am sitting on my bed, wearing pink lipstick in my pajamas. That's why that picture is there, because, I tried to take pictures of myself in the lipstick, but they were weird. So I found a picture I thought could accurately represent me. We have the same haircut kinda, and the lipstick, and look! She's even wearing a blue and white striped shirt.
The point is: I bought bright pink lipstick. I have it in my possession. It's sitting on my bathroom counter. And the truth is, I really like it. 
But the other truth is... I'm afraid of it. 
I want to be one of those girls who wears whatever they want, and doesn't care. But I've always been one of those people who doesn't like being the center of attention. And this lipstick definitely calls attention to me. So what to do? 
I think the problem is, I'm afraid to really be me. When actually, that's all I want. To be me. Because believe it or not... I like me.
I like me.
And I like pink lipstick.
So I should wear it, right? What do I have to lose?

p.s. i have SO MUCH stuff to pack. it's crazy. absolutely nuts.


  1. Remember how I was doing late night blogstalking and your blog was missing and I had to refind it and then I saw your Disneyland pictures and then I was jealous and then I remembered that you got to work in Logan all summer with some of the coolest people whom I love and adore and then I got even more jealous and then for some random reason you posted uber late at night and I saw it and then I decided to comment in a an extremely long run on sentence and it made you tired and out of breath from trying to read it out loud. Well you should remember because it all just happened.

  2. be you madeline. :) please please please be you. i want to see that shade!

  3. I've noticed people look at me more when I wear lipstick. This used to scare me, but now I miss it when I'm not wearing the lipstick.
    So go for it.


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