Thursday, September 22, 2011

How are you? good, you?

my class is at 9 today. not 9:30. just fyi.

you know what's funny?
i always pictured myself here.
right here.
in this bed, wearing my glasses, on my computer, procrastinating getting ready for school...
no, that's not right.
i always pictured myself here in life.
doing what i'm doing.
going to school, being incredibly happy, having amazing friends, getting ready to graduate in a year or so...
and i can't tell you that it's been exactly the way i expected all the way along.
no, because what's the fun in that?
but i can tell you
that i knew i would get here.
that i knew this was always the goal.
and watch, life will change again, and i'll be thrown a little off course,
but i'll end up back here again.
kind of like a boom-a-rang.
ya know?

so, for lack of more fitting words, life is good.
life is oh, so good.

in other, less insightful, but just as important words,
i would like to announce that all of my hard work paid off,
and my good friend TANNER WRIGHT
won Mr. Congeniality last night at the Mr. USU pageant.
(remember when i mentioned picking out his swimsuit and black jeans? is that awkward? get over it. ha)
and he deserved it you know, because he's pretty congenial.
he totally would have ripped the crown off the winner's head if it was about to explode.
(sandra bullock anyone?)
anyway, just sayin.

this is my sister abi. never heard of her? check out her blog.
and finally, happy birthday to my most beautiful sister Abi.
18 never looked so good on anyone.
it's a little scary how much i love you.
just go with it.

p.s. sorry about the randomness of posts lately. my brain is all over the place i guess. perhaps you don't care? i think i had a weird dream last night. i keep getting glimpses of it. are you still reading this? can you go grocery shopping for me? i need some food or i'm going to starve soon.


  1. I'll go grocery shopping for you, Madeline.

  2. I'm happy to hear that life is going good. It's always nice to see your heard work paying off, huh? :)


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