Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i can't help falling in...

yesterday, i woke up, meandered to the bathroom, washed my face, put on make-up, was in the process of doing my hair... when suddenly i heard my roommates leaving the house.

"what time is it?" i wondered.

almost 9:00 a.m. my phone answered.

"Oh," i thought, "my class starts at 9. not 9:30 as i had thought when i woke this morning."

this is the second time this has happened.

yesterday, standing in the student center with my friends, i became bored.
it's hard when they speak spanish to each other.
or about spanish things.
how am i supposed to understand? and besides, i was hungry.
so i turned on my heel and started walking away, figuring they would follow.
they did.
braden said, "don't be grumpy."
i said, "i'm sorry, i'm grumpy when i'm hungry."
...and when i don't understand conversations, apparently.

yesterday, i was in walmart. 
we found some black jeans.
my friend needed to try them on.
there was no dressing room attendant and the doors were locked.
so he hid behind a wall, while i stood guard, and he changed.
then the attendant returned.

"I'm sorry," she said, "i had to go over to the returns area."

"that's just fine," i said, "no need to worry. it was funny."

"it wasn't funny!" tanner exclaimed from his new dressing room.

yesterday was a good day.

i wanted to go to this.
p.s. i should get out of bed now...


  1. Ha! I'm actually just upset about not going to the sheep and goat thing.. That was our chance to clone.. And I hate it when they talk in Spanish... No bueno.. (get it? I'm talking in Spanish)

  2. We never say anything interesting...if that makes you feel better.

    Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that we still know it. That's all.


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