Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#2. the boy with the blue eyes and sweet smile

this is basically where this story takes place. ha ha. just kidding. but it was pretty anyway. picture via
Sitting at work, pretending to be busy, even though I really and honestly had nothing to do. IM'ing the cute boy sitting one computer over from me. Funny, how things work like that. You know, we barely even knew each other when I told him I would go camping with him and his friends a few weeks ago. Who knew that it would turn into something more?

Him: I have a question...
Me: Yeah?
Him: Do you want to go on a hike tonight?

I start to panic a little... my mom always told me that if boys wanted to go on walks or hikes, it usually meant they wanted to kiss you. What should I do? Is that what I wanted? I thought about it for a good five minutes... didn't want him to think I wasn't going to answer.

Me: Yeah, that would be fun!
Him: Cool. I'll pick you up around 6:30.

6:30 came around eventually... me, sitting at my kitchen table, barely able to choke down dinner because of the butterflies in my stomach. He came, we got in the car and drove off toward the mountain.

Up we walked, the ground was steep, and I felt like I was about to slide all the way down almost the whole way up. He was sweet though, and made sure I didn't fall. Finally we got to the spot he had chosen, set out a blanket, and sat down to watch the sunset.

He admitted later that he timed it perfectly. He looked up what time the sun would go down, and had already made the hike earlier to check how long it would take.

And so, there we sat. Him on one side of the blanket, me on the other. Watching the sun set quietly over the salt lake valley. And after a while, he mustered the courage to say what he wanted to say. He told me a lot of things. Things about how he liked me, and why he liked me. Told me I was pretty, and funny, and smart, and kind... and I couldn't help but feel good about that.

And then he asked me if I had ever dated anyone before. I told him about my brief try at anything close to a relationship the past spring, and then asked him the same question. He said no. He hadn't dated anyone, hadn't kissed anyone, hadn't held hands with anyone until me a few weeks ago. I felt almost sorry about it as I admitted I had kissed someone before. Almost.

He asked if he could kiss me.

I always thought that would annoy me. If a boy asked. But I looked at him, and the setting sun sparkling in his blue eyes, and I thought... why not?

So we kissed. And I laughed. Because it was still weird.
And then he asked me to be his girlfriend.

p.s. i have my first test all school year today. bleh.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I know what you mean about being annoyed if a boy "asks" to kiss you...I haven't been kissed yet, but I always imagine my first kiss being spontaneous and in the perfect moment, like when I'm standing with a beautiful boy on the banks of the river with the city lighting up the background...he moves a hair out of my face and the rest is history! hahaha.



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