Monday, October 31, 2011

i put a spell on you

you know how sometimes you think you're probably the funniest person ever? This was one of those times.
Well, this was probably the most uneventful Halloween weekend I've had in a long time.
And yet...
It was still really great.
 I had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend after not seeing him for two + years, which was especially nice. We cleaned the sink at Angie's! Don't know what that is? Picture a small sink filled with ice cream, bananas, and three toppings of your choice (chocolate, caramel, and reese's for us.) Then picture eating the whole thing. 
And I especially love it when this lovely lady comes for an unexpected visit. It's a day brightener for sure!
And you guys, I'm serious about this, don't think I'm totally pathetic... but I watched Hocus Pocus for the FIRST TIME in my life on Saturday. I know it's a classic... I know I'm lame... (and am I more lame for thinking it was a super weird show? ah well... maybe it was something you had to grow up with.)
I also found a fake sword with fake blood in it, and walked around Smith's searching for Haley so I could fake attack her. And then when I got bored with that, I stuck it in a freezer.
Happy Halloween everyone! 

p.s. i'm planning on this week being a good one. positive energy!


  1. remember how I haven't seen you since Friday?

  2. It is something you have to grow up with. I had the same feelings two years ago. Nice picture-- you are as hilarious as you think.

  3. I must be blind! I totally didn't notice the knife in the freezer until you talked about it. I guess I'm used to seeing knives in freezers a lot? Oh, P.S. I saved your blog post to read for last on my list today, because I was just that excited!

  4. Ha ha ha ha you are funny. Also, may I point out that you didn't just see Hocus Pocus for the first time on saw it for the second time as well. Oh man


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