Tuesday, November 1, 2011

an apple a day brings justin beiber to play... what?

this was my halloween. i made carmel apples. and justin beiber crashed the party. no big.
you may be wondering if i really like editing photos on my iphone. 
the answer is yes.
and i like putting them in little collages, and looking at them more than necessary.
and then i like putting them on my blog, so when i look at my blog it is pleasing to me.
this is really a selfish thing. you can stop reading if you're offended.
what i'm trying to say is...
i really love carmel apples. LOVE THEM. i have been waiting to make these babies all the fall season. so finally i wrangled some people up and convinced them it would be the best use of their time to come to my house, and enjoy the treat. 
i don't think they were disappointed.
(maybe they were? but justin beiber made up for it? i mean, he was there. wearing my shoes...)
anyway. i hope you all had a spooky halloween. 
one that you can tell everyone about for years to come and they'll all be impressed.
you know... "back in my day, we celebrated halloween like it was nobody's business! we ate carmel apples and listened to music, and danced in the kitchen and it was wonderful! haven't had a halloween like it since... those were the days."

well. now i'm rambling. 
catch ya later alligator.

p.s. thanks for the jacket, Jaron.

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