Wednesday, November 30, 2011

are we human? or are we dancer? i solved it. i'm definitely human.

i'm  not dancing in this photo
"This is your house!" I said, putting my arm around his waist and smiling up at him.
"I know! I'm so excited," he grinned that goofy grin I had come to like so much.
We looked back at the house. The big house, built more for a family, and not for a young man just graduated from college. But he had never done things the way anyone else thought they should be done. He was a planner, a hard worker. We we walked inside, and laughed at the empty walls.  The bare carpet. The gleaming kitchen counters. Laughed as we traipsed down the stairs. As I jumped on the lone, extra large bean bag, he turned on some music. 
"Want to dance with me?" he asked.
"I can't dance," I confessed half heartedly, hoping he would make me anyway. As I wished, he pulled me up by my hand, and brought me close.
"It's easy! I'll teach you," he said confidently. Always confidently.
He marched me around the room, cha cha-ing, salsa-ing, waltzing. Never minding that I could barely stay balanced. Laughing as I nearly toppled over.
"See? Not so hard," he smiled at me.
"No," I said, "not hard at all."

The next night at the reception, I turned to him expectantly when I heard the cha cha music come on over the speakers. He looked right at me for a moment, and then gazed over my head as if searching for someone. 
"Ah!" he exclaimed, "she knows what she's doing!"
I watched him tap her on the shoulder. Ask her to dance. They were fabulous together, fearless and graceful. So I moved off the dance floor and sat on a chair, the knowledge quickly sinking in that this, this  moment right here, was the end.

p.s. re-reading harry potter is a great thing.


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