Friday, December 9, 2011

as far as i can see

i found this on campus when i went for a walk. i was happy.
i love a nice white t-shirt.
and folding clothes while listening to music.
looking at pictures of years ago.
facetime-ing with friends from far away.
using a touch screen to get a new drink.
and cuddling on the couch.
christmas trees full of ornaments and lights on campus.
talking to friends and not wanting to leave.
buying new nail polish.
and eating peachy penguins.
i love the way the ice looks on the pavement.
and the snow sparkles as the sun is setting.
funny text conversations about unicorns and harry potter.
wearing gloves from H&M.
the knowledge that tomorrow is my last day of classes.
and understanding that i am in control of my own life.
they're nice. the things i love.

p.s. i think i say this every semester... but will someone please teach me how to study! (teach me how to study, teach me teach me how to study... errybody love me er-errybody love me...)


Tell me your thoughts on the subject.

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