Monday, December 12, 2011

psychology, scavenger hunts, and sales pitches

This past weekend was full of something so wonderful, I felt like I scarcely had enough time for all of it.
And that is called friendship.
Of course, being the last weekend of the semester before finals (what??!) everyone would decide to congregate.
But I loved it. 
I loved working and having long talks about life with my good friend Luke. There is nothing more important than trusting yourself, is what we came to the conclusion of.
And getting off work, knowing that my lovely friend Suzy was going to be somewhere around. Trying desperately to make plans with Kjarinda... even though she feels like it's ok to just not text back sometimes... (ha ha.)
Getting everyone to come over to my house, all of us on couches, chatting, "cubing", and reading faces.
I didn't go to bed until really late that night. But woke up really early the next morning to go get Kneader's French Toast with... someone. ;)
Then flying to the store with Jenna to get Haley the most sentimental Graduation present we could think of... a.k.a. Graduation Bear!! (sorry about the inside joke, but they get it, and that's what's important.)
Accidentally missing Suzy on her way out wasn't as fun... I'm sorry! We'll see each other soon hopefully.
Modeling for Jessica to help her out with her photography project, and happily running into my m.i.a. friend Kamille... which made smearing lipstick all over my face completely worth it.
Grabbing dinner with Kjarinda.
And rounding off the day with the most exciting Graduation party - or any party - I have ever been to! We're talking scavenger hunts, candy canes, running all over Logan (my legs are still a little sore), and my first ever time sucking helium (I don't get what is so cool about that...). 
And please, don't ever forget when Carli came to randomly visit Sunday night... I think my little Logan world benefited greatly from that visit, and will probably never be the same. 
So as you can see,
it was wonderful to me. 
I love all of these people so much. 
We are so lucky, you know, to have wonderful people in our lives. All of them are there for a reason, and I think that's the coolest part. We're here to help each other out. To get each other where we need to go. To encourage and uplift. 
So even though I was so busy this weekend, and became exhausted until I was feeling quite dizzy trying to stay awake last night, and maybe didn't wake up until 10:45 this morning (thank GOODNESS for finals week and no classes to get to)... it was worth it.

Cheesy shout out to all my friends!
Hi friends!

p.s. i need to complete a secret mission by four in the afternoon today... wish me luck.


  1. I love you. And to my defense, I was 3/4 of the way asleep that night. Even though it was only 10:00...

  2. i wish you could've stayed for laura's part. hahaha, i haven't laughed that hard in awhile. it was so good to see you too!

  3. sounds like a fun weekend and it sounds like you have great friends!


  4. omgzzz who'd u go 2 git french toast wit?? wuz it a boooyyyyy????? OMG!!! ;) ;)

  5. it probably was a boy. madeline loves boys.


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