Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the best way to spread christmas cheer...

sisters eating panda express for lunch. because we can.
Well, the above pictures are just a sample of what I enjoyed yesterday.
So many wonderful things about being home... and one of them is grabbing lunch with my lil sisters during their break. We love being together, obviously. And the best part is, I blend right in with all the high schoolers getting their panda express on.

Anyway. I promised this week would be all about Christmas, and it is. So here is what I wanted to share with you today.
Christmas music. Love it. Sing it. Listen to it. Cherish it.
(if you're a hater, you better run to another blog... and fast.)
I sneakily listen to Christmas music as soon as it's on the radio. It doesn't bother me if it's too early. I understand that it does bother some people, and that is totally fine. To each his/her own. 
However, Christmas music makes me overwhelmingly happy. And who doesn't like to be happy? Helllooooo.... it makes total sense to me.

So, in honor of this season full of love, I'm going to share with you some of my can't-live-without-it Christmas music. 

1. The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole (this version is hands down the best. even though i'm a huge gigantor fan of michael buble's version, nat king cole gets me every time.)
2. O, Holy Night - Josh Groban (this man was made to sing this song. the power and spirit this song brings into the season is just what Christmas needs, because it's exactly what Christmas is about.)
3. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Michael Buble (this is a recent addition to the list. and honestly, his whole christmas cd is a can't-live-without-it christmas song, but i didn't want to bore you all with the same ole person singing the same ole songs. but seriously. check it out.)
4. White Christmas - Bing Crosby (as much as i like the i-yi-yi-yi'm dreaming version... this one takes the cake.)
5. Believe - Josh Groban (from polar express. yes, i know that this is another josh groban song. but this song describes my christmas spirit to a t, and i canNOT live without it.)

i'll leave it at that, but believe me, this list goes ON and ON.
What are some of your favorites?

p.s. you know what's fun? going through your wardrobe and putting together new outfits you have never. even. thought about. it's like a whole new wardrobe up in here!


  1. :D YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really like the cheesy beach boys and beatles ones aka little saint nick and simply havin' a wonderful Christmas time. So that's my answer :)

  3. Hi your blog is so amazing!!!! Is t possible if u can read and follow mine? I promise its awesome!!!!

    :) I hope you read it!


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