Wednesday, January 11, 2012

cheesy signs, and a post about school

I am really deeply sorry that I haven't written anything the past couple days. Because I'm sure you care very much, and were extremely disappointed when you checked my blog five times a day.
I was working and packing things up on Monday (hooray for no school on Monday's!). And when I got back to Logan, found my room and bathroom completely redecorated, missed Haley worse than anything, and felt like driving back home to my mom... I decided not to write any blog posts.
Anyway, I've cheered up considerably.
(Not the missing Haley part.)
My classes on Tuesday were awesome. It is so great to be back in school learning what I came here to learn. They do seem slightly overwhelming. But I just keep telling myself, "I'm doing this for the kids. I'm doing this for the kids. I'm doing this for the kids."
And by that I mean, my future children and students.
Because honestly, I am terrified to be a teacher.
But there are small moments when I realize this is exactly where I am supposed to be. And those moments are what makes the difference.
So, I suppose I'll go off to my classes this morning with a cheerful heart, and a willingness to learn.
After I fall asleep amongst my glow-in-the-dark star infested room.
Seriously, guys. It's like riding Space Mountain non-stop.
Can't decide if this is good or bad yet.

Well... welcome back to school I guess!

p.s. why do textbooks even exist?


  1. You are adventurous! First Space Mountain, then Hawaii.. then back to space mountain. I'm jealous. Really. I only get Hawaii.


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