Thursday, January 12, 2012

introducing me!

this is me. and my mom ad brother. both of them would hate this picture, but i find it's a fair representation of all of us.
Ways I have Introduced Myself In Class This Week:

"Madeline Newhouse"
"Madeline Moves Mountains Mightily"
"Madeline wants to go to Maui"
"If I was not going to be a teacher, I'm being really serious guys, I would be either a member of the cast of Saturday Night Live, or a Secret Agent" (cue laughter here) "No guys, I'm being serious."

Gotta love the first week of school.

p.s. I just want to say thank you to the friends this week who took time out of their lives to come to my house, or get jamba with me, to try to cheer me up. I'll get over losing Haley someday :)


  1. Madddeeelinnnne you are making me cry! (And apparently press too hard on the keyboard)

    Oh and also, TWO classes had you introduce yourself by using the first letter in your name? Love it!

  2. So I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! And I'm being a creeper and checking up on what you've been saying about our classes and such. I just wanted to say that I LOVE THAT SHIRT! I wanted to buy it when I saw it at the outlets, but I decided I didn't need it. Fail. I NEED IT.

    P.S. I'm really sick and getting to class may not be in the cards for me today. My head won't even let me sleep.


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