Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a little too long...

this is what i do in school.
You know what is getting really old? 
3 hour classes. 
Yep, you read that right. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I have classes for THREE WHOLE HOURS EACH.
It's exhausting. Seriously. I can get a normal amount of sleep, and still come home exhausted. This is probably from an overload of information, extreme amounts of homework, and the fact that I'm sitting in a chair for a majority of the day. (seems like that wouldn't make you tired, right? well here, I submit that it does.)
It's ok though, right? Especially when even your least favorite teacher tries to charm you with bringing you treats every time, and letting you play with blocks just like a small child.
Ah, the good ole days of Elementary School.
I always said I wished I could go back to those days... I guess now I'm just getting a little taste of it again.

p.s. if there is one skill you need when you get to college, you need to be able to write.

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