Friday, February 10, 2012

expectations vs. reality

heyyyy it's meeeeee!! i have a few extra minutes so i'm going to take pictures of myself!!!!!! exclamation point!!

I got some good comments about this post, so I'm thinking about making it a weekly event? Let me know if you think it's worth it. I take all of your opinions very seriously!

Expectation: On Wednesday I had the fortunate invitation to go to a yoga class. It was in the evening so I was sure that I could find a nice free parking spot on campus.

Reality: I drove up and down and around parking lots for 15 minutes, finally cutting someone off and stealing a parking spot that I swear was just as far from the gym as my house. Shoulda walked.

Expectation: I walked to school the other morning in just about 40 degree weather! Wonder of wonders! Miracle of miracles! Walking home will be the same weather!! Hooray!

Reality: Snowstorm.

Expectation: I've always had the notion that I'm an Elementary School Science Expert. (Or an ESSE for short.) This is because I won first place in the science fair in fourth grade and I kinda let it go to my head. Therefore, I was absolutely certain that I passed my Teaching Science test with flying colors. I walked out with a confident smirk on my face.

Reality: My pride was shot. in. the. face.

Expectation: As mentioned before, I'm a fan of elementary school science. So when an email asked if I wanted to volunteer as a judge at the science fair, OF COURSE I said yes. I was so excited to go there on Wednesday! I was sure I would walk into that school and be welcomed by all. A true Science Fair celebrity in their midst.

Reality: The school was dark, some after school clubbers were cleaning up and looked at me funny. And I had the sinking suspicion that the Science Fair is probably next week...

p.s. i never truly appreciated the joys of having your own bedroom until this semester... 

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  1. I'm just glad it was this semester...not any earlier! Haha


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