Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a painful story

what i felt like i needed. not the cat. the neck brace. come on guys...
You may have thought, because of the title, this post would include some sort of sob story of a heart that was shattered or some other emotional matter I have decided to finally write down.
You are mistaken.
This is a story about literal physical pain. So if you are now not interested, you can stop reading. Don't say I didn't warn you!! (shaking finger in your face. but not too close to your face. that would be obnoxious and unnecessary.)

Yesterday morning, I awoke with a stabbing pain in my neck. I was disappointed that I seemed to have slept wrong, and now would have to deal with the consequences. As I got ready for work, I was startled at the way this pain was incapacitating me in many areas. I could barely turn my head to the left, and bending over was also a chore. This seemed to be a more extreme case of sleeping wrong than I have previously battled, but I decided to think no more of it and just get going to work. 
While driving to work, I was alarmed by the fact that I had to turn my whole body if I wanted to change lanes to the left, and finally determined I would just stay in the slow lane. 
All day at work the pain got worse. Holding my head up itself seemed to become so excruciatingly hard,  I finally confided in my mother (whom I work with) and expressed to her that I was unhappy with the way my neck was behaving. She poked and prodded and massaged, telling me I needed to make sure I was rolling my shoulders back and forth five times a day blah blah blah... All I knew was that I felt like my neck my snap at any second from the tightness of my muscles, and pretty soon she would be trying to put my head back on.
I endured the rest of work, on the verge of tears (is this story too dramatic? I'm telling you, this is exactly how it felt at the time ha ha) just waiting for the clock to strike 6 so I could run home and take some ibuprofen and rest.
And that's exactly what I did! My mother warmed up one of those fancy towels with rice inside it to put on my neck which helped considerably, and I took some medicine. Of course, I had plans with Lauren, so I decided just to wear the towel everywhere I went for the rest of the night. Even in public places. It was worth it.
Today my neck felt much better, thank you for asking, although not completely healed. So my mom graciously gave up her massage this afternoon and let me have it.
And that's the story of how sometimes, you wake up, and your neck hurts real bad. But you persevere, and eventually get a massage!

p.s. not quite ready to go back to school tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better! That story was horrifying. I like your new title pictures a lot.


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