Wednesday, February 22, 2012

these are some thoughts i had today

Is it seriously 6:00 a.m.? Why did I decide it was ok to wake up at this time? 
Why is it not ok to be late to class?
I'm already speeding, and you want to pass me?
I don't remember driving through the canyon.
I have to walk up that hill to class AGAIN?
I cannot think of a time when apparition would not be useful.
If the teacher says you don't have to do something, don't question her.
I'm not in a bad mood, I just have a hard time talking to people in the morning.
I really need to figure out my food situation. 
What shoes should I bring to Hawaii? Tennies, Sperry's, flip flops...
I'm going to look so darn cute in my swimsuit cover up.
Alright, I admit is was a mistake. But how do you fix something like that?
Wait, you want us to write about WHAT from the reading? What if I didn't read?
Hopefully no one else read...
Oh good, they didn't.
I hate working with partners when I know I can do it better than they can.
Ok, seriously? I have already explained this to you three times now.
Oops, that face was really exasperated. Madeline. Control your facial expressions. Don't be so honest.
Sweet. I was right.
Whyyyyy are there so many lesson plans to be written?!?
Oh my gosh. Smiling is the best! 
I'm going to smile at everyone while I walk home.
Look, they're all smiling back! What a wonderful world!
Ew! That guy just hawked a loogie into the snow! 
I'll smile at him anyway.
It's so warm for February!
Ok, not that warm. I just have to question your idea to wear a miniskirt in the middle of winter.
Maybe I'm the one who is confused?
I should take a picture for my blog while I'm walking home.
But I need to make sure no one notices what I'm doing.
They will think I'm weird.

yeah, not weird at all.

p.s. i realize that a lot of my thoughts were slightly to the negative side. well. my classes are three and a half hours long and i DID wake up at 6.... .... ....

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  1. every day i wish i could just apparate from class to work to class to home. i'm so lazy ha ha. also i always want to take pictures on my walk home from school (for my blog) but i'm too scared. kudos to you! someday i will get up the nerve!


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