Thursday, March 29, 2012

sugar cookies and underdogs

sending a package to one of these girls. and kind of wishing that they were all here! 
Well, I just ate a bunch of sugar cookies. Which I am now thinking was probably a huge mistake.
But you know, when the moment hits, and you're hanging out with a friend, writing letters to another friend who's off in another country, and you just look at each other and you're like, "let's make sugar cookies!"
No? Does that only happen to me?
Well, it was fun in the moment. Now I have a headache.

Anyway, remember when I did expectations vs. reality? Would you like that to continue? If so, please comment. I really hate to say it, because it sounds like begging, or whatever, but it's honestly a lot more fun to write all this stuff if I get actual feedback. And it always prompts me to check out your blogs or what-have-you and be your friend! And you know, what's better than being friends? 

Today at elementary school I was playing with the kids at recess. I have often wondered if this was something I shouldn't be doing... to be more professional or something? I mean, you never see teachers playing with their students at recess. But is that just because they're teachers and they're just a little too cool for that? Or is it really against the rules and I could get arrested or something?
Anyway, this little girl wanted me to push her on the swing and do an "under-dog" with her. 
This seemed dangerous to me, and I got one of my infamous bad feelings... (which always mean that something bad will, in fact, happen) so I shiftily told her no, and backed slowly across the playground, acting like I was needed somewhere else.

p.s. want a sugar cookie? come on over!


  1. I actually NEVER have the urge to make sugar cookies. I just want them to magically appear and then I want to eat them ALL ;)

  2. I would love it if you continued with your wonderful expectations vs. reality! Of course, I just love it when you blog though.


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